Taraash 2019 concluded with Kathak and Theatrical Performances

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06 Jul, 19 11:45
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Taraash 2019 concluded with Kathak and Theatrical Performances

Performance oriented dance and drama workshop Taraash 2019 organised by Natyansh Society of Dramatic and Performing Arts concluded on June09, 2019. Art for all and all for art was the basic theme of the workshop. The one month long workshop ended with 2 dance, 3 short play and 1 full length play.  Program initiated with SaraswatiVandana prepared in Kathak workshop and then participants present two dances. First was dance-drama based on the famous incidents of lord Krishna such as ‘Makhan Chori’, ‘Kaliya

Mardan’ and ‘Goverdhan Parvat’. 

The second performance was Ram-stuti which depicted the glorious character of God Shri Ram. AkankshaDwivedi, SangeetPrabhakar in Kathak, took the workshop and YogeetaSisodia assisted her. Both beautiful dances were performed by BhavyaRathore, JhanviChoudhary, Lauren Jain, KinjalMenaria, Isha Jain, Surbhi Jain, RuchiBilochi, AshvitaLohar, Ayushi Jain, Ankita Shrimali, Renuka jajot, Rekha Sisodia, Krishna Kumar, SoniyaRajak, PragneshPandya and Abdul Mubin Khan. 

Theatre changes the way one look at life, and brings a sense of discipline. It assimilates in itself performing art forms of dance, music, puppetry and more. With this motive Natyansh conducted workshop with students of ApanaJanata Kendra. The main objective of this workshop was to take less privileged children to the mainstream and spread theatre arts. These students prepared play ‘AisaBhiHotaHai’ based on cleanliness was prepared. The play started with public complaining on sweepers for not cleaning roads. Contrary to this, sweeper explains that he comes everyday and cleans but colony people put garbage after road cleaning. Written by AmitShrimali and directed by AgastyaHardikNagda, who was assisted by Mohammad RizwanMansuri, play has created a solid impact on viewers. Play portrayed the scenario where people are keen to keep their homes clean but treats public property and places as garbage. Cast of the play were KomalShrivastav, HarshitaPadiyar, DivyaKunwar Rajput, Ashok Meena, Rahul Meena, KusumGameti, Kiran, Jaya Kunwar Rajput, Honey, Jay, Gajendra, Jayanti LalMeena  and Jashoda Meena.

In this sequence Munshi Premchand’s famous story ‘Eidgah’ was performed by the participants of Sadri Haveli. It is a story of 4 year orphan boy Hamid who lives with his grandmother Amina. The story begins on Eid morning, poor Hamid doesn't have new clothes or shoes like other children had. He has only three paise as Idi for the festival, to spend in a fair. His friends spend their pocket money on rides, candies and buying beautiful colorful clay toys (Bhishti, lawyer, policeman and a milkmaid). Hamid dismisses this as a waste of money for momentary pleasure. While his friends are enjoying themselves, he overcomes his temptation and goes to a hardware shop to buy a pair of tongs. He remembers how his Grandmother burns her hand while cooking rotis.The story ends on a touching note when Hamid gifts the chimta (Tongs) to his Grandmother. At first she is shocked and annoyed by his stupidity that instead of eating anything or buying any toy at the fair, he has purchased a chimta. 

But then Hamid reminds her of how she burns her fingers daily, while making rotis. She bursts into tears at this and blesses him for his kindness.AmitShrimali converted the story into play. Role of Hamid was played by VihaMoondra and Amina by Isha Jain. Directed by RekhaSisodia and assisted by Abdul Mubin Khan other casts of the play were Dhani Jain as Sammi, Harshraj Singh Solanki as Mehmood, DivyaRathore as Mohsin, Akshil Jain as Noore and PragneshPandya as Abbu and various shopkeepers.

The next play was ‘RakhSakoToRakhoPani’.Written and directed by senior dramatist of Udaipur Mr. Vilas Janve, play was based on severe issue of water. It was mixture of Aangik and Vachikabhinay. Through strong dialogue delivery and mime, message was conveyed to audience. Play began with current scenario in which people waste water knowingly or unknowingly and ended with a dream in which many people were bathing in half a bucket of water. The wise use of each and every drop of water was the main theme of play. The artists were AnjuSoni, Hansika Jain, Mohammad Tanzeem, JatinBharwani, NehaShrimali, Irshit Sharma, KumudDwivedi, Mahesh Joshi and Vallabh Sharma. While music was played by Bhuwan Sharma, and KiranJanve took care of costumes and make-up. 

The last performance was ‘EkThaGadhaUrfAladad Khan’. It is a serious comic genre theatre play written by well known writer Padma Shree Sharad Joshi. The play centres on the ‘Nawab’ who intends to become popular and famous at any cost. The play opens up with the mourning of Jaggu Dhobi whose dear donkey Aladad Khan is dead and the villagers tell the kotwal that a person has died named Aladad Khan.The kotwal in returns makes this as a huge issue and tells the Nawab that a very well known personality named Aladad Khan died in their village.As the Nawab discovers this fact he announces various mega events in the name of Aladad Khan. He then declares a state mourning for Aladad Khan. Snow Nawab gets to know that it was actually a donkey not a person. What follows is not only a comedy of errors but also reflects on the present value system. 

It is a comedy that tells the truth through intertwined stories. The play was much enjoyed by the audiences. Somewhere down the line it brought a huge smile on their faces as they burst out laughing at comical situations, it also somewhere told about the ill-fated situation of a common man in the society. Sensible acting skills along with a good presentation, the play received much appreciation of the audiences. Directed by Ashfaq Noor Khan Pathan, the major cast of the play were BhaveshSuthar, RaghavGurjargour, Chakshu Singh Rupawat, Priya Mishra, DhruvKumawat, NavikaTalreja, Mahesh Joshi, JeetNebhnani, SidhiChabra, DarshilSankhla, Kashika Sharma, Harshul Pandya, Sandeep Kumawat, Nandini Singh, Agatsya Hardik Nagda, Irshit Sharma, Mohammad Rizwan Mansuri, Pari Hemnani and Shrushti Hemnani. Back stage activities were contributed by Akhil Nair (Stage Setup), Nayil Sheikh &Yogeeta Sisodia (Make-up and Costume). 

Taraash 2019 witnessed 100 participants, 350 audience, 10 faculties, 35 volunteers and about 50k social reach. The workshop Taraash 2019 organised by Natyansh Society of Dramatic and Performing Arts received support from Maharashtra Bhawan, JatanSansthan and Martand Foundation.

 The program was graced by the presence of ShriRiyazTehsin (senior theatrist and educationist of Udaipur), ShriSatishji (President – Maharashtra Samaj) and Shri Anil Joglekarji. Contribution received from Amarendra Singh Tawar, NavikaTalreja and Arun Jain helped in successful completion of workshop. 

Volunteers like KhushiBhati, KhyatiBhati, YogeetaSisodia, RUbiKumari, Pooja Sharma, PoojaKumari, Ayush Maheshwari, Akhil Nair, NayilShiekh, RatanSethiya, KhushbooKhatri, Shlok Pimpalkar, VipulChanal, MantavyaSuryavanshi, Satyajeet Singh, Disha Saxena, MilindPurohit were the backbone of the program, Their continuous effort cannot be neglected in Taraash2019 success story.


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