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Value of Real Education

Time of Publication 25 Nov 2020 ( Read 7454 Times)
Educationisnotonlystudying,doingjob,marrying,bringing up family and taking care of our kids. It is journey from WE AS A KID TO OUR KIDS. But this is not ...

Is Indian Media Fragile?

Time of Publication 25 Nov 2020 ( Read 6627 Times)
2020 has been one of the most unexpected years for many people and the governmentsworldwide.Startingwith WorldWar3threatsinJanuary,...

Fragrance of Imagination

Time of Publication 25 Nov 2020 ( Read 8195 Times)
Reading and writing have always been a magnetizing draw for Shameem Quader. Even as she completed her Doctorate in English from JanardanraiNagarRajasthan...


Time of Publication 02 Oct 2020 ( Read 8671 Times)
Happy world heart day 2020 to everyone today, on 29th September 2020, on its annual day. The year 2020 is the year of new pandemic COVID-19, which we face...

Time to strengthen the economic conditions of Housewives

Time of Publication 02 Oct 2020 ( Read 6405 Times)
A few months ago at the World Economic Forum, Oxfam presented a report titled 'Time to Care', which exposed the economic conditions of ...

Tourism - A Contributing Factor in People's Happiness

Time of Publication 02 Oct 2020 ( Read 6529 Times)
The corona epidemic has changed the meaning of life. In the time of this great outbreak, every person is surrounded by some or other problem, in this era ...

Need of democratic maturity in opposition

Time of Publication 28 Sep 2020 ( Read 4808 Times)
In the Rajya Sabha on Thursday, Sh. Rajnath Singh, the defense minister presented India's favor on the antics and ...

Farm Reforms Bills Threat Indian Peasants?

Time of Publication 28 Sep 2020 ( Read 5114 Times)
The Union government has tabled three reform bills in the parliament related to agriculture in the country. Two of them were passed by Rajya Sabha, rather bulldozed through Rajya Sabha on Sunday. A huge uproar could be seen as the deputy ...


Time of Publication 28 Sep 2020 ( Read 10923 Times)
The strongest dam in the region with temples of exquisite architecture, Udaisagar Lake was specially designed to keep Lake ...

Essay Writing Competition on Mahatma Gandhi

Time of Publication 18 Sep 2020 ( Read 13768 Times)
My dear children, there is good news for you all. Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, New Delhi, is organizing Essay...

Change begins with an action and not merely by words

Time of Publication 26 Jun 2020 ( Read 10734 Times)
Who we are now is not who we were last year, last week, yesterday or even a minute ago. Life never stands still, no matter what we do. ...

Days in Pinnacolis

Time of Publication 24 Jun 2020 ( Read 10758 Times)
Coltis woke up sensing tremors in his act corpuscles. Raise Slot had begun and he had to complete rods of tasks. The slot stopped giving alert tremors feeling his active pulsations. Coltis twitched up and proceeded towards the food ...

Are Migrants not Indian Citizens?

Time of Publication 21 May 2020 ( Read 8909 Times)
Government of India announced first Lockdown on 24th March, 2020. This stopped all economic activity across the country. Markets were closed , industries were closed and institutions were also closed. People working in different parts ...

Bohra Ganesh Mandir

Time of Publication 21 May 2020 ( Read 15008 Times)
One of the most revered temples in the town like the Moti Dungari Temple of Ganesh in Jaipur, the Bohra Ganesh Mandir is located in Dhoolkot area not far from Govt. Ahad Museum.The origin of the name of the temple is very fascinating. It is ...

The Damp Heart

Time of Publication 15 May 2020 ( Read 12386 Times)
Darkness was crowding from all around, both outside and inside me. The climate too, was getting worse and worse as time passed. I was looking outside, but could not think properly what to look for. Still, I had to ...