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Change begins with an action and not merely by words

Time of Publication 26 Jun 2020 ( Read 1829 Times)
Who we are now is not who we were last year, last week, yesterday or even a minute ago. Life never stands still, no matter what we do. ...

Days in Pinnacolis

Time of Publication 24 Jun 2020 ( Read 2374 Times)
Coltis woke up sensing tremors in his act corpuscles. Raise Slot had begun and he had to complete rods of tasks. The slot stopped giving alert tremors feeling his active pulsations. Coltis twitched up and proceeded towards the food ...

Are Migrants not Indian Citizens?

Time of Publication 21 May 2020 ( Read 2178 Times)
Government of India announced first Lockdown on 24th March, 2020. This stopped all economic activity across the country. Markets were closed , industries were closed and institutions were also closed. People working in different parts ...

Bohra Ganesh Mandir

Time of Publication 21 May 2020 ( Read 5455 Times)
One of the most revered temples in the town like the Moti Dungari Temple of Ganesh in Jaipur, the Bohra Ganesh Mandir is located in Dhoolkot area not far from Govt. Ahad Museum.The origin of the name of the temple is very fascinating. It is ...

The Damp Heart

Time of Publication 15 May 2020 ( Read 6190 Times)
Darkness was crowding from all around, both outside and inside me. The climate too, was getting worse and worse as time passed. I was looking outside, but could not think properly what to look for. Still, I had to ...

Ambamata Mandir: The Benevolent Mata who came to Udaipur to heal Maharana Rajsingh

Time of Publication 15 May 2020 ( Read 7879 Times)
One of the most highly revered Devi temples in the whole of Mewar, Ambamata Mandir, located on a height in the west of Udaipur outside Ambapol, Ambamata ...

Remembering Karl Marx in an Era of Global Pandemic Crisis

Time of Publication 08 May 2020 ( Read 3643 Times)
Karl Marx (5th May, 1818 – 14th March, 1883) was a German philosopher, political thinker, a journalist and an author of a high order. The world in 19th and 20th century cannot ...


Time of Publication 08 May 2020 ( Read 2145 Times)
As Corona Virus spread widely in Udaipur, a fine morning of March 23rd, 2020 an active group of sixteen teenagers from MB College and cadets of NCC Air Wing, while sitting in the canteen came up with an idea to create awareness about it in ...


Time of Publication 08 May 2020 ( Read 2122 Times)
The biggest oxygen pocket in the town that is full of a large variety of trees and flowerbeds located not very for from City Palace, Sajjan Niwas ...

Sajjangarh Wildlife Sanctuary

Time of Publication 08 May 2020 ( Read 2822 Times)
Once covered with dense forest and hunting ground for rulers of Mewar, the 936-meter-high hill Bansdara is just 5 km. from Udaipur The...

Veteran Communist Leader Comrade Dushyan Ojha Passes away, His body donated to SMS Hospital

Time of Publication 06 May 2020 ( Read 2177 Times)
Veteran communist leader Comrade Dushyant Ojha passed away at the age of 89 years in Jaipur on Tuesday, 14th April, 2020. He was a former...

Delhi Assembly Election Results Mean A Lot

Time of Publication 18 Feb 2020 ( Read 6836 Times)
The results of assembly elections in Delhi have a number of lessons to teach. The politics of hatred has been defeated by the politicso...

The Cult of Gun

Time of Publication 04 Feb 2020 ( Read 6793 Times)
The 30th January is the day when father o f th e n a ti o n Mahatma Gandhi was brutally murdered by a communal fanatic...

Central budget reactions

Time of Publication 04 Feb 2020 ( Read 9535 Times)
as usual, the central budget has received mixed reactions because political leaders speak as per their party lines. Oppositions ...

The Republic Day Questions

Time of Publication 28 Jan 2020 ( Read 6771 Times)
The Republic Day has come with a set of questions. Thefirstquestioniswhether the constitution still holds good in India? Whether...
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