Transforming Virus Changed Human Existence

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29 Jun, 21 07:47
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- Lalit Garg

Transforming Virus Changed Human Existence

The corona pandemic has radically changed the direction of our lifestyle. We are facing the severity of corona disease in the form of the first and second wave. The mutated variants of corona virus are deadly and drastic. We were hoping that the second wave is nearly over but unfortunately scientists identified the new variant of corona that is the Delta plus variant. This variant is highly mutated and super contagious. Scientists are worried about the third wave. As we know this virus is rapidly transforming; in that situation this new variant delta plus is more dangerous for mankind. Cases of the new variant are found in Maharashtra, Kerala & Madhya Pradesh. We have to fight this situation by following the SOP guidelines and increase mental stability.
  Due to the coronavirus, our habits and our daily routine have changed to a great extent, which we are also experiencing and living every day. After many major disasters of history, there have been vast changes in social, economic understanding and lifestyle, but the era of Corona crisis has changed everything, from our food and lifestyle to our working style and direction of thinking has also changed. These changes are going to have a big impact in the coming times. It may be that during this time our changed habits become a permanent part of our life.
A new economic outlook will flourish in the newly created world. Till now the capitalist approach has been advocating entrepreneurship i.e. making the individual a hero. It has never been told that behind every success is the hard work and cooperation of many people, no one does anything alone. The corona virus will now create an understanding of the value of laborers and other workers. Overall, there is hope to develop a sense of belonging and respect for each other's work. In the world, even though the trend of going out and eating in restaurants may not end completely, it will be limited. Experts believe that many changes are going to be seen like digital menus, live streaming of restaurant kitchens and masks on waiters' faces. There will be massive changes in education. Due to the worldwide lockdown, the emphasis was on the closure of schools everywhere. Online communication between teachers and students increased.
There will also be major changes in the administration and their policies. It is expected that as much as India spends on defense, now it will start doing on health too. A lot will happen, which will look like a radical change because now the biggest enemy will be the understanding of the pandemic. The government health system will be developed as the private sector has proved to be inadequate during this pandemic. At the same time, the emphasis will be on increasing the number of doctors and paramedical staff in the country. Many changes are expected like manufacturing medicines, vaccines and essential medical equipment in the country because now we have to leave the habit of relying on other countries in times of crisis, because this habit has given us deep wounds.
 During the lockdown, major changes were also seen in the clothes of the people. People are getting used to spending many days in only a few sets of necessities like pajamas instead of luxury clothes. Society will see many changes like foreign trips, tourism, parties and outings. There will also be a change in social customs and festival culture like marriage.
According to the Center for Asia Pacific Aviation, most of the world's airlines will go bankrupt by the end of May 2020. If you go to office after covid 19, a lot will have changed.  Despite these big changes, everyone wants life to go on as before. Aside from the aggression of Corona, there is a need for such a human structure where both the human being and his humanity remain intact. For this one should keep making an effort without relying on luck.
  We humans are socially connected with each other but in this time we are separating from ourselves, from people and from nature. We are losing his personal solitude and also the silent darkness of the night. In the words of Elliot, "Where is the life that we have lost in living." Yet we have to find a life where man can still live with all his strength, impenetrable vitality and immeasurable dignity and perpetual effort. . On the strength of this zeal and effort, we have been travelling to the moon and mars. Somewhere the direction of man's effort should not be misguided that the struggle for existence is being maintained in front of man at all times, for this effort will have to be made. However, it is only through this struggle that we will get new strength, new faith and new energy, which will convert the darkness of life into light.
 One has to be not selfish but also benevolent. He has to give up cruelty and be kind. We have seen the disadvantages of becoming greedy , now one has to plan the directions of life by becoming generous and non-possessive. Even in the Corona epidemic, his cleverness, his intelligence, his labor and morale have added to the disappointments. Despite all this, it is necessary that the human effort should move in those directions from where the human draws much more attention like health, conservation of nature, eco-friendly industrialization and improve the whole system.
Man should not give up his effort. Whether you will get success in any work or not, cannot be said. What is going to happen in the future is all uncertain. If anything is certain, it is one's own effort. It is not necessary that success comes in the first attempt itself. Humanity suffering from Corona will have to learn to walk like that baby now. While trying to walk, he falls again and again but his courage does not diminish. Despite the fall, the happiness and ecstasy add to the beauty of his face. Just think about that tiny seed which has within itself the ability to produce a huge tree.
  If the goal is clear, there is intense zeal and indomitable enthusiasm to achieve it, then even a single person can do a lot. How accurate is the statement of the world poet Rabindranath Tagore that before setting, the sun asked who would do the work of illuminating the world after I had set. Then a small lamp appeared and said Lord! I will do the work of lighting as much light as I can. We see that the lamp continues to spread its light till the last drop. Keep doing as much as we can. The road ahead will be paved. How beautiful someone has said - Do as much as you can, then God will do what you cannot do.
Be it a new beginning of life or the mind to pursue it, or trying to move towards new relationships and means of livelihood, it is not very easy. But, nothing is easy. Great success requires a lot of effort. Then no matter how big the suffering, the pain, we can overcome, because we are stronger than our thinking and determination. 
The person who is not afraid of adversity, does not bow down in the face of adversity and makes sorrow also a ladder of progress, his success is certain. Seeing the courage of such a patient man, failure bows down. That's why Mahidasa Aitareya, the son of Itra, has said, "Charaiveti-Charaiveti" which means keep going, keep going, and keep working hard. How beautiful a great man has said – It is better to light a small candle or a small lamp in the darkness? A small beam of light penetrates the darkness; so by making some little efforts we can fight and eradicate the darkness of this time.  

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