Zinc Empowers Farmers: Training Initiated

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26 Mar, 24 08:20
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Zinc Empowers Farmers: Training Initiated

Hindustan Zinc kickstarts farmertraining at Debari's CEOEI. Dr.S.P.Trivedi,Anupam Nidhi, and Manas Tyagi grace the event. Dr. Trivedi enlightens 46 Ghatawali Mataji FPO farmers on animal husbandry schemes. Dr. Bansal covers clean milk production, livestock care, and worm infestation. Vardiya introduces CEOEIs using Goyam Dairy as a model. Tyagi showcases Hindustan Zinc's community efforts, highlighting FPO's 1.5 crore turnover. Training modules launch with insights on vaccines, nutrition, and livestock best practices. Aruna Chita expresses gratitude, aiming to empower farmers for economic well-being. Hindustan Zinc drives progress, fostering a knowledgeable and skilled farming community

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