Festival Spirit Engulfs Udaipur as Grand Procession Marks Indian New Year

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26 Apr, 24 11:12
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Festival Spirit Engulfs Udaipur as Grand Procession Marks Indian New Year

Udaipur: The morning of the Indian New Year was filled with festivity and fervor as a grand procession swept through the city, starting from the municipal grounds. Youth danced and sang along the procession route, carrying messages of well-wishes adorned with kalashes symbolizing prosperity. The sight of young women riding horses and colorful banners added to the attraction, while blessings were bestowed by saints seated in chariots. Theprocession, knownas 'Shobhayatra', was a part of the Chaitra Shukla Pratipada of the Samvat 2081, marking thetraditionalIndianNewYear according to the ancient and precise astronomical calculations. This New Year is ingrained in the timeless tradition of Sanatan culture, witnessed through the preparationof'gudkeladdu' inhouseholds and the establishment of'ghats' intemplesandpower centers. With the aim of making this New Year a celebration for all, the Indian New Year Festival Committee organized a grand procession in Udaipur on Tuesday. The enthusiasm of participants, including people from all age groups, was evident. Decked in traditional attire and carrying the auspicious kalash, women symbolizing maternal power, along with young horse ridersexhibiting valor, captured the attention ofonlookerswho hailedthemas thetruedescendantsofMewar'sbravewomen. The procession commenced at 3 PM from Fateh School, proceeding through Surajpol to reach the main procession from the municipal grounds. Motorcyclists, DJs, and dancing groups added to the vibrancy of the event. Eleven floats were part of the procession, including displays of religious scriptures and performances by various social organizations and schools. The traditional 'Gavari' dance performed by tribal groups was a major attraction. The procession covered various markets, squares, and finally culminated at the Maharana Bhupal Stadium. The processionwaswarmlywelcomedateverystop.Adequatearrangements were made for the procession, including ambulance services, ensuring the safety of all participants. Around 2000 volunteers were involved in managing the security arrangements, including the participation of women.

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