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08 Jul, 21 10:11
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- Ashok mathur


With the drop in temperature, clouds of all shapes floating in the sky, refreshing cool breeze, and raindrops producing sweet sound, Udaipurites are naturally excited to go on a picnic. They are lucky to have a big number of spots that not only have awesome scenic beauty with overflowing lakes, streams, waterfalls, and the like but also those that have religious and historical importance. This combination is rare in another region.
Located on the southern end of Lake Pichola near Doodh Talai, Jalburj is one of the nearest and most popular picnic spots for Udaipurites. Once a beautiful natural spot for picnics, it has now also buildings for picnickers. Just in front of it across the road, there is a Dhuni with a small Kui (well) that gives the place an attractive look. There is also a Vishnu Mandir here.
About 15 km from Udaipur near village Sisarma main road is  Nandeshwar. The Shiv Mandir here has greenery around it. Near the temple is a Kund that is full of water throughout the year. The stream of water from the hills comes to the Kundi outside the temple and then flows out. There used to be just a single hut here. With the efforts of the devotees, the temple and the premises have been renovated and it has become an attractive place for picnickers as well as tourists. People tend to stand under the waterfall for a bath but there is always a danger of being washed away due to sudden overflow of water.
Karni Mata Mandir
The Karni Mata Mandir on Macchlamagra hill near Pichola draws a lot of people around the year but gets more crowded during monsoon season. From here one can have a mesmerizing view of City Palace and Pichhola lake. Now it can also be reached through a ropeway. But climbing up on foot has its own charm as one comes closer to nature and enjoys trekking.
Located about 7 km on the top of a hill, Sajjangarh attracts a huge number of visitors in all seasons. Situated at a height of about 3100 ft. above the main sea level, it is also called Monsoon Palace as it provides an awesome experience when one is surrounded by clouds and has a fantastic view of the whole city and its surroundings. Built-in 19th century it was named Sajjangarh after the death of Maharana Sajjan Singh.  Used as a resort during the monsoon and a place of outdoor recreation by the rulers of Mewar it provides the best sunset view. Trekking on the hill is a memorable experience. The Biological Park, covering about 336 hectares with its varied wildlife is an added attraction. One has to be very cautious while taking a selfie as a fall can be fatal.
Thoor Ki Pal
About 15 km from Udaipur, near Udaipur Ranakpur road, is Thoor Ki Pal in Badgaon Panchayat Samiti. It is one of the most favorite picnic spots for Udaipurites.  The scene of the waterfall here is unforgettable. There are big rocks here and the forceful flow of water makes it a highly risky place.
Vaidyanath Mandir
Vaidyanath Mandir located in the middle of village Sisarma near Udaipur is well known as it is related to religion, culture, and history. It was built by Maharana Sangram Singh Second as desired by his mother Dev Kunwari daughter of Rao Sadal Singh of Bedla. It is also a popular picnic spot. Located on a hill near Sisarma is Sitamata Mandir is also a good picnic spot.
Bagdarah Nature Park
Not far from Udaipur is Bagdarah Nature Park a favorite spot of Udaipurites where they can watch wildlife especially crocodiles in and near the lake. It used to be home to a big number of tigers. With zip lines and a big cafeteria, one can have a lot of fun.                           
Near Cheerwa Valley on Udaipur Nathdwara road is located Amrakhji, a protected area. The Mandir reminds one of Maharishi Ambreesh who performed ‘Tapasya’ here. It is said that during the glorious days of Nagda Nagar, there were a number of temples here and the valley reverberated with the sound of the ringing bells. The temples were damaged during foreign attacks. There are some other temples in addition to the main Shiv Mandir that has been renovated. So also the ancient Baori that is full all through the year.The huge open field surrounded by green hills has become a popular picnic spot also because it has easy access. Shrangirishi, where Shrangi Rishi had performed Tapasya, can be reached via village Cheers. The hilly track has to be traversed on foot. At the spot, there is a small Kund that is full of sweet water. The place that can also be reached via Chandra and Nauwa has all the facilities for cooking and night stay. At this place, there is an inscription that gives important information about Maharana Mokal. It is believed that the Maharana got a Kund built here for the salvation of his wife Gorambika.
The whole area near Kailashpuri with its hills and greenery is an attractive place for picnics. Located near Baghela Talab is the famous Sasbahu or Sahastrabhau Mandir with serene ambience and intricate architecture. While going down the hill from Udaipur side to Kailashpuri on the left, one sees an area with dense forest  called Ambawadi that has ancient temples, Kunds and Baoris. Behind Eklingnath Mandir is Indrasagar lake with shady old banyan trees. The scene of the ‘paal’ with ancient temples and glistening water is  extremly enchanting. According to an ancient inscription the lake was built by Raja Jaisingh of the Bapparawal family. The temples were built by Maharawal Samarsingh,  Maharana Kumbha, Raimal and others. At a short distance from Kailashpuri towards Delwara is Bappa Rawal a beautiful natural spot with a Shiv Mandir and a lake.                                                              
For reaching Ubeshwar that is 20 km from Udaipur, one has to go to village Dhar and turn west from Rampura (Chakri Amba). The steep hilly road has now been made even and easy to traverse. The Shiv Mandir has a cooking place. There is a waterfall among the hills in the east of the temple. One has to be cautious here as the sand is very slippery.
Located on high hills about 60 km from Udaipur is Kamalnath in the Jhadol area. It is two kilometers away from the village of Badrana. The place is associated with Ravana. At the foot of the hill is a Shani Mandir and a Baori. The dense forest and greenery are so inviting that one wants to visit the place again and again.
Kadiamata is in Badgaon Panchayat Samiti. The waterfall attracts one from a distance. It is located on a huge ground and is surrounded by water on three sides. A visit to the place is an exciting experience.
Located about 20 km away from Udaipur is Jhameshwar that has a highly revered Shiv Mandir in a cave among hills. The flowing stream has a waterfall that is an excellent spot for bathing. The serene ambiance attracts a huge number of Udaipurites, especially during the month of Shravan.
Jargaji is situated near Saira at the foot of the second highest Arawali hill. It is believed that the original name of the place was Dargaji. A devotee of Baba Ramdeo, Dargaji used to look after the horses of the great saint. The Kamda sect has its origin here. The inscription of the time of Rajsingh near the metal idol of Pahadinath in Kamda Mandir in village Dhol has a mention of Dargaji. The dense forest, the tall trees, and the flowing stream make it a highly enjoyable place for picnics. Not far from here is Beron Ka Math near Kumbhalgarh with a lake and Shiv Mandir. The place is the origin of the Banas river.
Aamach Mata Mandir
Located  near village Riched about 30 km from Udaipur is the famous Aamach Mata Mandir with mesmerizing scenic beauty. Rokadia Hanuman Mandir near Charbhuja is another good picnic spot. So also Gotemshwar near Iswal on Udaipur-Gogunda road that has an ancient Shiv Mandir and beautiful scenery.
Very close to Udaipur in Badgaon Panchayat Samiti is village Badi, well known for its huge lake that presents a mesmerizing view. Sitting under the ‘Chhatries’ and watching the lustrous water of the lake is an enjoyable experience.
The deep lake, the big ‘paal’, and the beautiful buildings make Udaisagar, located near Udaipur, a place worth a visit, especially during the rainy season.
One has to be very cautious while going on a picnic. It is not safe to take the risk if one doesn’t know swimming and it is advisable to avoid slippery places. It is better to keep away from edges of rocks and not imitate others. Taking a selfie at risky spots might result in a fatal fall. It is also better to carry a first aid box.

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