CII Rajasthan: Arun Misra Assumes Chairman Role

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26 Mar, 24 09:07
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CII Rajasthan: Arun Misra Assumes Chairman Role

The Confederation of IndianIndustry(CII)Rajasthan witnessed a change in leadership as Mr. Arun Misra assumedtheroleofChairman, and Mr. Sanjay Agarwal took over as Vice Chairman for the term 2024-25. Mr. Arun Misra, the CEO of Zinc Business at Vedanta, has been at the helm of Hindustan Zinc, a global giant inzincproductionandthefifthlargest silver producer, since August1,2020.His leadership expanded in June 2022, as he took charge of managing the operations and growth of Vedanta Zinc International, with mines and concentrators in South Africa. Furthermore, asofAugust1,2023,Mr.Misra has been appointed as the ExecutiveDirector atVedanta Limited. Mr. Misra's achievements include being the first-ever Indian Chairperson of the InternationalZincAssociation. Underhisguidance,Hindustan Zinc achieved the highest Corporate Sustainability Assessment(CSA)scoreof85 among238companies inS&P Gl o b a l Co r p o r a te Responsibility Assessment 2023intheMining&Metalsector.Hisacademicbackground includes a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from IIT, Kharagpur, and diplomas in Mining and Beneficiation from the University of New South Wales Sydney, and General Management from CEDEP, France. Beyond his professionalpursuits,Mr.Misra is passionate about singing, golf, and football. Mr. Sanjay Agarwal, the Managing Director & CEO of AU Small Finance Bank (AU SFB),assumes thepositionof Vice Chairman. As a pioneer in banking and the visionary founder of AU SFB, he has played a crucial role in the bank's evolution into India's largest small finance bank, promoting financial inclusion and excellence. A merit-holder Chartered Accountant,Mr.AgarwalfoundedAuFinanciers in1996, servingthefinancialneedsof small entrepreneurs in rural and semi-urban areas. Under his leadership,AU SFB achieved scheduled commercial bank statuswithinits inaugural year of banking operations. Today, it stands as India's largest small finance bank, operating across 1,049+ banking touchpoints, serving46.8lakhs customers in 21 states & 3 Union Territories. Apart from his financial endeavors, Mr. Agarwal is a passionate cricketer and represented Rajasthan in the Under-19 team in 1990. Thetransitioninleadership reflects the commitment of CII Rajasthan to draw on the rich experience and innovative vision of leaders like Arun Misra and Sanjay Agarwal to furthertheobjectivesofindustrial development and economic growth in the region.

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