Udaan’, Kanjoos’ & ‘Luka-Chupi' were performed on the concluding day of TARAASH 2022

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24 Jun, 22 09:21
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Udaan’, Kanjoos’ & ‘Luka-Chupi' were performed on the concluding day of TARAASH 2022

Udaipur: Creativity is nothing but a mindset free. Every holiday season Natyansh organizes a production-oriented workshop, Taraash. This workshop is open to people of all ages. We work together to learn the art of theatre. At the end of the workshop, we present the hard work put together in the form of a play in which each participant gets to perform and experience the stage. Participants get to explore their creative selves and bring them out through the various activities and games of theatre. Theatrical evening in the conclusion of Taraash 2022 was organized on June 11 at Maharashtra Bhawan. Three different batches of Taraash performed three extremely engaging plays. 
The first batch included 18 little children of ‘Apna Jatan Kendra’ who performed the play ‘Udaan,' written and directed by Mohammad Rizwan Mansuri. The play talks about childhood. It is the most beautiful time of our life. At that time, some children spend their childhood in play, some in studies, and some laboring. Childhood is when we can dream and think in which direction we want to give flight to our dreams. The bitter truth of this society is that even today, the evils of child trafficking and child labor exist. This play talks about such situations in which childhood is sacrificed. The children in the play keep their dreams and childhood alive despite this challenging situation. Some plan to become dancers, while others want to improve their conditions by becoming police officers. Children do not give up even in difficult situations and continue to dream. Komal Srivastava played the role of child labor, Vidya Kunwar Jhala, Vijay Meena, Chirag Verma, Deepti Srivastava, Ashok Meena, owner of the factory was, Mahipal Singh Panwar& Preet Bhat, Officer was Kiran Kunwar Panwar& Harshita Kunwar, Inspector was Nirma Kumari &Madhu Meena, story narrators were Monica Meena, Hemlata Kunwar& Amrita Meena, the servant, was Karan Singh Panwar and Rajveer Singh Jhala&Divya Kunwarplayed role of a farmer. 
The second play of the evening was ‘Kanjoos’directed by Ashfaq Noor Khan Pathan. A translated script of Moliere's 'The Miser.' The play is based on 60 years old Mirza Sahab, who is a miser. He is a very wealthy person in the city who lends money on interest but is such a miser in terms of expenses that even before serving water to the guests, he thinks twice. He loves wealth more than his relationships. That's why he wants to marry his daughter Azra to 50-year-old Aslam Sahab and his son Farooq to a widow lady.
Going through the ups and downs of love, misery, and Mirza Sahab's money that gets stolen, this story tickles the audience by creating many humorous situations. Azra is in love with Nasir, and Farooq is in love with the girl whom Mirza Sahab intends to marry. In contrast, he wants to marry a young girl, Maryam. Yash Shakdweepeey played the title role of Mirja Shakhawat Being. Other casts include Astha Nagda as Azra, Mahaveer Sharma as Nasir, Bhuvan Jain as Farruk, Navika Talreja as Mariyam, Kushagra Rajan as Nambu, Nisha Gaur as Farzeena, Jatin Kaushal sulfur, Ishaan Kothari as Dalaal, Ganesh Devasias Aslam Sahab, Lakshita Sukhwalas Hawaldar, Navsari Paliwal as Khera and the children were Kevalya Jain, Joy, Akhil Jain, Dhani Jain, HeeralGaur, Jaswant Kumawat &Sauranshvi Karwa.
The last play of the evening was Luka-Chupi. They were directed by Rekha Sisodia, the play Luka-Chupiis based on the famous play 'Comedy of Errors by William Shakespeare. The story of this play is based on two pairs of twins who get separated in their childhood. Very humorous situations arise when they meet after a long time. Sagar sets out on a journey with his wife Ganga and two twins. Both their twins are named Anand. Coincidentally, his servant also has twin children whose names are Veer. Family members get separated in an accident. One pair of Anand and Veer, along with their mother, and the other with their father, start living in different cities. Coincidentally, both Anand and Veer meet in the same town. Due to this, such complicated and funny situations arise. Only when the pairs meet face-to-face does everyone get to know the reality. Mukul Khandiaand Bhuvan Jain performed twin pair of Anand, and the twins' pair of Veer was Pranay Joshiand Mahaveer Sharma. Javed Khan and Anju Soni were parents of Anand. The wife of one of the Anand was Urvashi Kanwrani, and Nirmita Kumawat&Pooja Sharma played the role of her sisters. Deepak Joshi was Mukhiya of the village. 
Harsh Dubey&Jomy Jojo played the character of were people in business. Naman Mishra was in the role of a Jeweler, and Riya Nagdev was Angeli, who gave her ring to Anand. Backstage, Isha Jain played music, Yogeeta Sisodia did makeup, lights & sound were operated by Ashfaq Noor Khan Pathan, and the stage was managed by Amit Shrimali Tofik Khan, RatanSethia, Brijesh Khatri, and Piyush Gurunani.

The audience incredibly received all the performances. From the start to the end of the show, the house was full of audience laughter and cheers, motivating and rewarding the team for their hard work and dedication. The participants' happy faces were evidence of all the fun they had had in the workshop. In retrospect their experience, they said that they learned a lot from this workshop, made outstanding bonds with people, and had a fantastic time exploring the art of theatre on stage and among themselves.


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