Wrapping Up the 53rd National Security Week at Zinc Smelter Debari

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27 Mar, 24 09:44
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Wrapping Up the 53rd National Security Week at Zinc Smelter Debari

The conclusion of the 53rd National Security Week at Zinc Smelter Debari saw a renewed commitment to safety practices and awareness. Deputy Inspector of Factories and Boilers, Pawan Kumar Goyal, underscored the significance of translating security knowledge into actionable measures to protect individuals and families. Stressing the repercussions of security negligence, he urged everyone to abide by safety regulations diligently.

The event commenced with the ceremonial lighting of lamps, symbolizing enlightenment and vigilance in security matters. Attendees took a solemn pledge to prioritize security in all aspects of life. SBM Director Manas Tyagi emphasized the need to instill a culture of safety consciousness, advocating for proactive measures to prevent accidents and ensure zero harm goals.

Prakash Shrimaal, Senior Secretary of the Labor Union, echoed the sentiment, urging collective participation in national security initiatives. He emphasized that security should remain paramount, with no room for complacency.

Chief of Security and Environment, Digamber Patil, highlighted the various security demonstrations and programs conducted throughout the year. Collaborative efforts with industry, community, and administration aimed to promote home and road safety. The week-long event featured awareness programs, training sessions, and street plays, reinforcing the importance of security at every level.

The ceremony concluded with the felicitation of winners and a collective commitment to fostering a safety-oriented environment. Representatives from business partners, labor unions, zinc officers, and employees reaffirmed their dedication to upholding security standards, ensuring a safer word 

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