Former President Kovind celebrates seniors' value

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17 Apr, 24 10:03
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Former President Kovind celebrates seniors' value

Udaipur:FormerPresident Ram Nath Kovind will arrive in Udaipur by plane at 2:15 pm onApril 7th. He will spend the nightataprivatehotel.OnApril 8th, at 10:55 am, he will visit the Maa Dropti Devi Anand Elderly Home in Sector 14, Hiran Magri, to participate as the chief guest in the program organized to mark the completionof12yearsoftheelderlyhome.HewillvisitNathdwara in the evening and participate inpre-scheduledprogramson April 9th. Former President Kovind will depart for Delhi by plane at 3:00 pm onApril 10th. District Collector Arvind Poswal has instructed all relevant officials to ensure the complete implementation of theideal conduct code,including security, escort, carcade, traffic, fire safety, and other arrangements, while observing this journey. "Seniors are not a burden, but assets," says Ram Nath Kovind.Speaking at the grand ceremony marking the completion of 12 years of the Tara Sansthan in Udaipur on Monday, the 14th President of thecountry,RamNathKovind, expressed his views. In this regard, the founding chairperson of the Tara Sansthan, KalpanaGoyal,andthefounding secretary, Deepesh Mittal, welcomed the former president.Kovind said,"Every family has its own stories. Some storiesaresmall,somearebig. Our lives pass by listening to and telling these stories. Therefore, we should think about what we have given to society, not just what we have taken.Theday you feel like giving, believeme,youwill get double the joy you were getting from just taking." Highlightingthe greatness of the holy landofMewar, he said that great personalities like Maharana Pratap, Bhamashah, and Meera Bai have been born on this land. Their greatness is not only in Indiabutalsorecognizedinthe world. The people of Udaipur never step back for their culture and civilization. The storiesofthislandareinspirational. M a h a r a n a Pr a ta p , Bhamashah, and Meera Bai holdthehighestplaceinIndian history. They have lived and nurtured the best traditions of human life in their own way. Maharana Pratap protected thenationandreligious culture along with his subjects. Bhamashah, while using his wealth, donated all his wealth for the protection of the nation andreligious culture.Hewanted no one to remain hungry and no one to leave their religionduetopoverty.MeeraBai's devotional tradition was so high that she believed only in Shri Krishna, even if she had to drink poison.The sentiment of service to humanity and religious culture of Mewar has always impressed them. Serving the poor and distressed is like serving God. The former president said, "The operators of Tara Sansthan also seem to be descendants of them who are engaged in serving the elderlyandtheneedyat suchahigh level today." He said that in today's era, due to increasing disintegration and the aspirations of physical comforts and luxuries, the youth of the familyoftenleavetheirelderlyparents alone and go for employment and economic benefits. Physicalaspirationsforcethem to do so. There is no fault in this. They have to do this for livelihood. In the same way, another reason for the elderly to stay alone in the family is that earlier the tradition of the joint family used to be in our society, but gradually this tradition has almost ended. We need to ponder over this. The beginningofthishastobedone by oneself. Social and family responsibilitiesalsoneedtobe understood.Kalpana Goyal, the founding chairperson of TaraSansthan,welcomingthe dignitaries, said that the inspiration to do such a noble work came from her father. Earlier, she used to be very emotional after seeing the condition of the elderly, but gradually, after staying with them and getting the opportunity to serve them, now she has gained courage and morale, and she enjoys servingthem.Earlier,its inception was done in a small form, and today it is before everyone in a big form. Narayan Seva Sansthan founder KailashManavalsoexpressed his thoughts at the event. The programwas conductedby the founding secretary Deepesh Mittal.Before this, former President Ram Nath Kovind met each of the seniors at the Tara Sansthan and talked to them. He visited the medical ward of the Sansthan where he learned about all the medicalfacilitiesandinquiredabout thehealthoftheseniors.When he met Brijkishor Sharma, an elderlypersonintheward,and learned about his well-being, he started leaving from there, then he realized that he sings verywell.Afterlisteningtothis, Ram Nath Kovind smiled and said that this song does not apply to you. After hearing this, he sang another song, "Leavethewholeworld,it'snot suitable for anyone, but for humans.

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