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You Call It Nagging!

Time of Publication 08 Dec 2017 ( Read 12378 Times)
World is full of different minds and characters. Mostly women nag with their husbands on any particular...

Character is not a certificate of purity

Time of Publication 27 Oct 2017 ( Read 14771 Times)
Character of a woman is the most talked about thing in this world. In a moment a woman can lose her ...

Gender No Bar

Time of Publication 28 Aug 2017 ( Read 18200 Times)
Transgenders are facing discrimination ,abuse and inequality everywhere in the world. People are not ready to accept them in families. They are forced to live in a particular community in ...

Desire For A Daughter

Time of Publication 16 Aug 2017 ( Read 20935 Times)
Daughters are real treasures on this earth. I am not saying this. Time has proven this since ages...

Can we choose peace?

Time of Publication 01 Aug 2017 ( Read 17938 Times)
It's not a question. It's your mental analysis. I have seen many people who are always ready to fight. They can't hold anger, not for a minute. The moment you try to tell your part, they...

My face is not a Toilet

Time of Publication 25 Jul 2017 ( Read 15211 Times)
Face is the mirror of our personality. Many people start their day by looking into the mirror, appreciating ...

Be you!

Time of Publication 17 Jul 2017 ( Read 16799 Times)
It's great to be like any famous personality but it would be awesome if you try not to copy others.
People spent hours to please others. In this process they lose their original personalities. Uniquen...

Ego Has Power To Destroy Peace & Humanity

Time of Publication 10 Jul 2017 ( Read 16295 Times)
Ego is the worst enemy of mankind. Today each one of us is running behind money and power. People are madly...

3 Sins made my Life Easier

Time of Publication 06 Jul 2017 ( Read 15165 Times)
Being a female I have always faced stupid comments on my dressing and hair styles. Trust me it never effected...

Social media Manners

Time of Publication 26 Jun 2017 ( Read 16977 Times)
Social media has become part of our daily life from past 7 years. It's become a trend to join social ...

World is not enough

Time of Publication 07 Jun 2017 ( Read 16855 Times)
I am neither talking about James Bond's movie nor talking about taking any revenge. A thought just appeared in my mind today about our purpose of taking births...

Bleed without violence

Time of Publication 29 May 2017 ( Read 20864 Times)
I opened my face book and came across a beautiful video which attracted me at once.
Bleed without...

Why Girls can't say no to Dowry?

Time of Publication 24 May 2017 ( Read 18370 Times)
We are habitual of watching big fat Indian weddings. Foreigners are coming to India to fulfil...

I see myself in your eyes

Time of Publication 16 May 2017 ( Read 18218 Times)
Mother is the best creation of God. Just imagine one day without your mother. There will be chaos and mess everywhere. I don't remember when I started celebrating this day for my mother. ...

By the way : RIP Nirbhaya

Time of Publication 09 May 2017 ( Read 18315 Times)
Who can forget this dreadful act in which one young girl was brutally raped by 6 men and thrown...
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