Dogs are not Status symbols !!

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08 May, 22 09:14
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- Hritu Sodhi

Dogs are not Status symbols !!

Pretz came into my life one month ago. He is extremely loving towards me. Such an intelligent dog pretzie is. He has been rescued by Dr Rubina Furtado from a female who was not taking proper care of him. Rubina took care of this loving dog and I requested her to give this baby to me. I am working on this little pet to be okay with everyone. He does not trust human beings easily. I feel passionate about him. It's a myth that rescued dogs are not easy to handle. Any dog can be dangerous if not taken care of. Pretzie is a wonderful dog who understands everything. His fears may go with time. I want to give a message to those who buy dogs to show off but hardly give time to their pets. Every life is precious and these dogs are our best pals. But if you can't give time to your pets, please do not buy them. They are not merely toys for your kids. God has given them life. It's their right to live on this planet peacefully. Universe has not been created for us only. People always complain about their bad karma but they don't give time to their loved ones. 90% of people don't even care about animals and mother nature. Corona taught us to create a balance between nature and us. Every person must learn to give respect to these small animals who can't speak. Crime can be stopped if we give time and enough space to these dogs. Don't tie them on your rooftops. Dogs are to love, not to be disliked by human beings. Please understand the importance of this cute species. I have health issues yet I am working on him to be normal. It gives me satisfaction that at least I can understand and change the life of a cute dog who was neglected by humans. I don't know whether I will succeed or not but I will strive to make him happy. Please love your dogs.

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