By the way: Saying No to free advice is my freedom

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15 Mar, 22 11:00
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Ritu Sodhi

By the way: Saying No to free advice is my freedom

For the past 10 to 15 years people are going crazy about losing weight. Even I had tried many diet plans, from keto to vegan and what not. I lost weight 8 times in my whole life and gained again. Nothing worked permanently. It became a mission to lose weight. Social media is flooded with diet plans. Wherever you go you find people suggesting that avoid such food or have this particular ingredient to improve your metabolism rate. The funny part is when someone asks about your well-being and you try to tell him/her that I am suffering from this particular health issue and the moment you open your mouth, thousands of free advice pours in. You feel like a fool who has never heard about carom seeds, cloves, fennel or turmeric. It seems that all these ingredients have come from an alien world or maybe you were living outside this planet. People do not want to know your part of the story. They are ready to help you most unpleasantly. It feels like being obese or fat is a big crime. The first volley comes to you when you are asked to reduce weight to look good. The second one is when you are asked to do yoga or cardio exercise. 
Please don't think that I am against these well-wishers but I need my own space. Maybe I am struggling with multiple issues which you are not aware of. Maybe no diet plan or simple tricks are working on me anymore. My problem is that I don't need free advice from anybody. I am sick n tired of this. I have fought with the deadliest disease corona twice and it was only my willpower that worked. I saw the fittest person losing the battle of life. Steroids gave other side effects but somehow I won. I lost my hair completely and now it's growing again. People have no idea about arthritis. It's not curable. It can be treated with certain medicines. My 6 joints are affected and sometimes I can not move my joints. I did gym, yoga, walking and whatnot. One of my good friends tried giving a diet plan which led to developing a new disease. When I did keto, I developed another problem. Now I can only do slow walking and stretch exercises but it is not giving instant results. 
I have a good personality and I know how to carry any particular dress or style. I have a good heart that is always ready to help others. 
Can't you see the best side of me? 
I have never passed on any ugly comment on anybody in my entire life. Whatever way God has made you or you might be having any kind of issue, that is okay with me. I have never given free advice to embarrass anybody. Some people are born dark, some people are extra skinny, some may have weight issues but I see them as human beings. It is good to be a fitness freak but maybe the other person loves to enjoy life in his way. Health is a big issue and no one claims to be perfectly fit. I have seen many girls with poor dressing sense but they comically flaunt their bodies in public just because they are skinny. 
Please treat another human being as a different person and do not try to impose your thoughts on him/her. It's good to show your concern in a certain manner but before giving advice please rethink the repercussions. 

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