Khatushyam Ji's Lakhi Fair

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02 Apr, 24 10:21
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Dr.Gopendra Bhatt

Khatushyam Ji's Lakhi Fair

The Lakhi Mela-2024 at Baba Khatushyam Ji's shrine in Rajasthan is currently in full swing, drawing millions of devotees from across the country and around the world. Scheduled for Ekadashi on Wednesday, March 20th, this annual fair, held from Shukla Shashthi to Baras in the month of Phalgun, commemorates the revered figure of Baba Khatushyam Ji.
Legend has it that Baba Khatushyam Ji is none other than Barbarik, the great archer and grandson of Bhima from the Mahabharata era. Barbarik, son of Ghatotkacha, earned Lord Krishna's blessing during the Kurukshetra war and was bestowed with the name 'Shyam' for worship in the Kaliyuga.
The city of Khatu is resounding with chants of Baba Shyam as devotees flock to seek his blessings. Thousands have already visited the shrine, with the numbers swelling as Ekadashi approaches.
According to Pratap Singh Chauhan, Chairman of Khatu Shyam Ji Mandir Mandal, the influx of devotees intensifies as Ekadashi draws nearer. Groups of devotees arrive from all corners of the country, chanting praises of Baba Shyam. The vibrant Phalguni fair enchants devotees, with Khatu Dham witnessing a sea of devotees, adorned with signs and saffron flags, chanting the name of Baba Shyam.
The annual Lakhi fair sees a continuous stream of devotees from Ringas to Khatu Dham, where Baba Shyam is beautifully adorned with colorful flowers. Devotees queue up to catch a glimpse of the deity amidst the new temple arrangements, while every street of Khatu bustles with devotees.
Khatu Shyam Mandir, situated in the village of Khatu, 43 km from Sikar, Rajasthan, is an ancient pilgrimage site linked to Lord Krishna and Barbarik from the Mahabharata. Devotees believe that the temple houses the real head of Barbarik, who sacrificed himself during the Mahabharata war.
The tale of Khatu Shyam Ji traces back to the Mahabharata era, where Barbarik's selfless sacrifice earned him Lord Krishna's blessings. Even today, devotees across the globe revere Khatu Shyam Ji, the Kalyugi incarnation of Lord Krishna.
The ongoing Lakhi fair not only celebrates the legacy of Baba Shyam but also serves as a reminder of the unparalleled devotion and sacrifice epitomized by Barbarik, inspiring millions to seek solace and strength in his divine presence.

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