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‘Marquis Who’s: Dr. Nandita Singh

Time of Publication 18 Jul 2019 ( Read 106 Times)
Nandita Singh is an Associate Professor at Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm. She has the distinction of being ...

Never Doubt yourself (Trust) Raaisha upadhyay

Time of Publication 18 Jul 2019 ( Read 136 Times)
If you want to build up your confidence then you need to make sure you trust yourself – for it helps to make better decisions and assists in reducing stress levels...


Time of Publication 31 May 2019 ( Read 1723 Times)
I feel like a little bit of everything.

like the summarizing shreds of a blissful tragedy,

like the last glimmering sunray,

escaping monsoon clouds and unending oceans....

Reduce T.D.S.by Rain Water harvesting

Time of Publication 18 May 2019 ( Read 3656 Times)
With the fall in the level of the underground water the quality of the this water is also reducing leading increase the T.D.S. of the this water .This is very ...

Antral --- Into the process of Informal Learning

Time of Publication 19 Apr 2019 ( Read 3009 Times)
Conceptualized by noted educationalist and philosopher Ramesh Thanvi, it was a joint venture of Rajasthan PraudhShikshanSamiiti, Nana NaniNyas...

India International Mime Festival Paves New Path for Mime Art

Time of Publication 04 Apr 2019 ( Read 3868 Times)
The first India International Mime Festival was successfully organized from 24 March to 30 March at Aikatan Cultural Complex, Bidhan Nagar (Salt Lake), Kolkata...

World Water Day Interaction in Udaipur

Time of Publication 27 Mar 2019 ( Read 3391 Times)
Dr. PCJain with the help of SatishBhatanagardone hard work on World water day by having interviews with doctors and others for RH in word stanza...

Diffusing Happiness Around

Time of Publication 14 Mar 2019 ( Read 3676 Times)
The world is an unforgiving place. One has to bear the repercussions springing out from nowhere but one's own actions, sooner or later. Despite all ...

By the way: I am Single

Time of Publication 05 Mar 2019 ( Read 3079 Times)
A woman is being treated in our society with lots of discrimination. It's difficult for a single woman to live in our society with respect...

Digital & drug Addiction are Similar?

Time of Publication 27 Feb 2019 ( Read 6465 Times)
According to one research which was conducted among the children of America & China the finding of the brain M.R.I. of those addicted to...


Time of Publication 27 Feb 2019 ( Read 5649 Times)
Kindness is not new. It’s old, pretty old. Aristotle said: “It is the characteristic of the magnanimous man to ask no favour but to be ready to do kindness...

By the way Hoping to get Freedom some day

Time of Publication 20 Feb 2019 ( Read 3202 Times)
World is celebrating women empowerment everywhere. We always talk about KalpanaChawla, Sunita Williams, Indira Gandhi and many...


Time of Publication 20 Feb 2019 ( Read 2247 Times)
GoDaddy Inc. (NYSE: GDDY), the company that empowers everyday entrepreneurs, today announced an extension of its partnership with the ...

ipsaa Plans to Operate 200 Day Care Centres by 2020

Time of Publication 27 Dec 2018 ( Read 2873 Times)
ipsaa, India’s largest, independently owned chain of day care centres t announced the company’s plans to operate 200 ...

Jesus: The Reason for Christmas Season

Time of Publication 27 Dec 2018 ( Read 4158 Times)
“For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son Jesus, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have...