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Moringa Aloo Sabji

Time of Publication 26 Jun 2020 ( Read 1217 Times)
Moringa is believed to have many benefits and its uses range from health and beauty to helping prevent and cure diseases....

Aloor Chop With Mudhi Maakha

Time of Publication 21 May 2020 ( Read 4929 Times)
Aloor Chop is a different Flavor dish, much more famous in Westbengal and Orissa. aloor Chop goes very well with ...


Time of Publication 15 May 2020 ( Read 3866 Times)
1. Pill, wash and cut beetroot into small dices.
2.  Boil beetroot for 25 Minutes or till it gets tender....

Banana flower Fries with Tamarind Mint Relish

Time of Publication 08 May 2020 ( Read 10568 Times)
Process of how to clean and cut banana flower. Cleaning banana flower takes time and each floret has to be cleaned separately....

Biryani from all Gharanas ,across India, available through JustMyRoots.com

Time of Publication 11 Mar 2020 ( Read 5510 Times)
Biryani is an evergreen classic dish that really needs no introduction. India offers so much on its culinary platter but the one dish...


Time of Publication 06 Jan 2020 ( Read 14588 Times)
Ingredients you need for the Stuffing: 5.3oz / 150g Brie cheese, 6 spring onions chopped finely both green and white parts ...

It’s Good, It’s “Gur-Tastic”

Time of Publication 04 Jan 2020 ( Read 7931 Times)
“Nolen and Patali Gur”, an intrinsic part of Bengali culture and a suitable substitute for sugar, is now available...

Mexican Scrambled Eggs Recipe

Time of Publication 04 Feb 2019 ( Read 23825 Times)
To prepare this delicious breakfast recipe, first destem and de-seed the green capsicum. Also, deseed ...

Macha Besara (Fish curry with Mustard )

Time of Publication 02 Feb 2019 ( Read 19891 Times)
First Wash Fish And Add Little Salt And Turmeric Powder
2. Heat...

Kaju Pista Badam Kesar Burfi

Time of Publication 30 Oct 2018 ( Read 24272 Times)
Cashewnuts coarsely ground 10...

Choco Vanilla Layered Blancmange Recipe

Time of Publication 25 Aug 2018 ( Read 25884 Times)
Mix the NESTLÉ MILKMAID Sweetened Condensed Milk with water and blend well. Divide this mixture into two h...

Malpua With Rabri Recipe

Time of Publication 25 Aug 2018 ( Read 22083 Times)
Crumble paneer coarsely. Make a paste of maida with 3 to 4 tbsp. milk. Combine NESTLÉ MILKMAID and the rest...

Monsoon Mania Recipes

Time of Publication 25 Aug 2018 ( Read 19404 Times)
Blanch almonds and remove skin. Soak almonds and cashewnuts in 2 cups of hot milk for 30 minutes. Grind...

Raw Mango Rasam

Time of Publication 08 May 2018 ( Read 17955 Times)
Roast black pepper, whole coriander seeds and cumin seeds. Grind them together. This is the Rasam powder...

Dal bati in solar cooker

Time of Publication 14 Mar 2018 ( Read 32884 Times)
Dal bati in solar cooker...
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