Weather Changes Bring Culinary Shifts in Udaipur

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14 Dec, 23 11:29
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Weather Changes Bring Culinary Shifts in Udaipur

The sudden chill in the air in Lake City, Udaipur, over the past two days has marked a notable shift in the winter weather.With the arrival of the first winter chill onSunday, the effectsofthecoldarenowmaking their presence felt, influencing not just clothing choices but also culinary preferences.As the cold intensifies, people are abandoning light shawlsforwarmerclothing,and homes are witnessing a transitionfromlightblanketstocozy quilts. The demand for warm clothing has surged, leading toincreasedpurchasesofwinter garments in the bustling markets.In and around the Bagh area of the city, shops in theTibetanMarkethadalready stocked up on winter clothing, anticipating the change in weather. While the initial response was not overwhelming, the sudden onset of winter has prompted people to flock to these stores for their winter essentials. The culinary landscape is also undergoing a transformation, with households and markets adapting to the seasonal change. Homesarenowwitnessing the preparation of winter delicacies like makki ki roti, daldhokla, and rabdi. Similarly, weddings and festive menus are incorporating winter delights such as gajar-sangari,haldi ki sabzi,makki kiroti, rab, coffee, and more. T h e demandforwinter delicacies like til ki gajak, c h a p p a r , bayaar ki til patti, rewari, til ke laddoo, and other similar i te m s h a s surged in the m a r k e t . Additionally, items likedates are also witn e s s i n g increased sales. In the market,productslikemakkikiraab, Americancornchaat,andother warm treats are gaining popularity. Food experts suggest that with the onset of winter, it becomes essential to include warm foods in one's diet. This season is characterized by an increaseindigestivefire,making it necessary to consume easily digestible and warm foods. It is advised to avoid heavy foods,especiallythosecooked in ghee or oil, as the body's digestivefireisalready strong. Instead,incorporatingdryfruits andnutritious fooditems is recommendedtostayhealthyand energized during this season

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