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Choco Vanilla Layered Blancmange Recipe

Time of Publication 25 Aug 2018 ( Read 1802 Times)
Mix the NESTLÉ MILKMAID Sweetened Condensed Milk with water and blend well. Divide this mixture into two h...

Malpua With Rabri Recipe

Time of Publication 25 Aug 2018 ( Read 2202 Times)
Crumble paneer coarsely. Make a paste of maida with 3 to 4 tbsp. milk. Combine NESTLÉ MILKMAID and the rest...

Monsoon Mania Recipes

Time of Publication 25 Aug 2018 ( Read 1907 Times)
Blanch almonds and remove skin. Soak almonds and cashewnuts in 2 cups of hot milk for 30 minutes. Grind...

Raw Mango Rasam

Time of Publication 08 May 2018 ( Read 5165 Times)
Roast black pepper, whole coriander seeds and cumin seeds. Grind them together. This is the Rasam powder...

Dal bati in solar cooker

Time of Publication 14 Mar 2018 ( Read 8643 Times)
Dal bati in solar cooker...

Besan ki burfi in solar cooker

Time of Publication 08 Mar 2018 ( Read 7667 Times)
Besan ki burfi in solar cooker...


Time of Publication 01 Jan 2018 ( Read 10437 Times)
1. Warm ghee in a pot.
2. Add mutton to the pot. Stir continuously.
3. Add 1 Tbsp water, salt, garlic and chilies.
4. Add 1 Tbsp water after every 6-8 minutes, till the next 60-75 minutes or till ready.
Chef Satish Comments ...


Time of Publication 19 Dec 2017 ( Read 12099 Times)
Take Jack Fruit And Pill ,Cut Into Small Pieces And Cleaned It With Running Water
2. Boil jackfruit with salt, turmeric and drain the water once it boils.


Time of Publication 17 Dec 2017 ( Read 8850 Times)
Set Sweet Curd Can Be Eaten With Hot Gulab Jamun...


Time of Publication 08 Dec 2017 ( Read 9460 Times)
Place fish tikkas in a plate and sprinkle with chat masala, lemon juice and kasoondi mustard - Serve on a warm plate, garnished with fresh coriander....


Time of Publication 27 Oct 2017 ( Read 9798 Times)
*Remove it from ghee and let it cool. Tasty Anarsa is ready to serve.

Pua or Gulgule…

Time of Publication 27 Oct 2017 ( Read 9688 Times)
Pua is a North Indian sweet dish that is very easy to make and tastes delicious. Originally from Uttar Pradesh, this is the recipe that new brides make in their husband's house. After ...


Time of Publication 16 Sep 2017 ( Read 11435 Times)
Once you make the Paneer / Chenna, you need not press it as you normally do. Let it stand on the sieve for 10 mins....


Time of Publication 16 Aug 2017 ( Read 10 Times)
10-12 Pieces of prawns
1/2 Coconut PASTE
5 tbsp Paste of RED chilli and
white mustard...


Time of Publication 01 Aug 2017 ( Read 15790 Times)
¢ Apply oil to a knife and remove skin of jackfruit. Cut into half inch sized cubes. Cook the jackfruit in sufficient water till tender. Add chana dal and cook till tender.
¢ Drain excess water, if any, and grind the mixture with ginger, green chilies and garlic...
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