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HZL : Sakhi Program Uthori Campaign Impac

Time of Publication 26 Apr 2024 ( Read 2502 Times)

Sakhi Utsav: Hindustan Zinc Empowers Women

Time of Publication 27 Mar 2024 ( Read 5702 Times)

CII Rajasthan: Arun Misra Assumes Chairman Role

Time of Publication 26 Mar 2024 ( Read 4885 Times)

Zinc Empowers Farmers: Training Initiated

Time of Publication 26 Mar 2024 ( Read 4038 Times)

Hindustan Zinc Supports Zero Hunger

Time of Publication 10 Nov 2023 ( Read 9520 Times)

Residents of Kotra receive the precious gift of clean drinking water

Time of Publication 08 Aug 2023 ( Read 11690 Times)
RO and UV filters were installed in 53 educational institutions and hostels
Over 12,000 students to benefit from this initiative...

Double sweep for Hindustan Zinc, wins ‘Masters of Risk Jury Award in Metals & Mining and ESG Specialization’ at India Risk Management Awards

Time of Publication 11 May 2023 ( Read 16616 Times)
• The company follows a vigilant risk management system and encourages the reporting of risks via digital interventions
• Hindustan Zinc is consistently focused on ensuring regular mapping and mitigation of all risks that could potentially impact their business...