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Dogs are not Status symbols !!

Time of Publication 08 May 2022 ( Read 2823 Times)

By the way: Eye for an eye makes the whole world blind

Time of Publication 07 Apr 2022 ( Read 3189 Times)

By the way: Saying No to free advice is my freedom

Time of Publication 15 Mar 2022 ( Read 4337 Times)

When Trauma becomes an opportunity

Time of Publication 29 Jun 2021 ( Read 16845 Times)
Facing difficulties in lifetime is very common but when you face trauma, you become mentally very tough. I am not talking about day today life’s difficulties...

Warriors are never defeated

Time of Publication 29 May 2021 ( Read 18049 Times)
I moved to Sriganganagar last year as Assistant Director of Information and Public Relations. I suffered with mild fever and I was ...

By the way: Diapers are bleeding

Time of Publication 26 Mar 2021 ( Read 22038 Times)
Tanya is only 6 years old. She is lying on a hospital bed surrounded by machines. Her pain is immeasurable. Her eyes are fixed on the ceiling ...

- By the way-  Look beyond Black & white

Time of Publication 28 Sep 2020 ( Read 31034 Times)
A mixture of two is not possible for them. They never view the life with gray areas in between. They see people, situations...

By the way: Quarantine Diaries

Time of Publication 08 May 2020 ( Read 28851 Times)
The world is fighting with the deadly disease like corona and it is spreading everywhere in this ...

By the Way:  Why Can't we respect women every day?

Time of Publication 06 May 2020 ( Read 29020 Times)
It seems to be a stupid question to some of us. First of all I am sorry for writing after a long gap.I was stuck up in Office work from last two...

Why Can't we respect women everyday?

Time of Publication 02 Apr 2020 ( Read 37045 Times)

It seems to be a stupid question to some of us. First of all I am sorry for writing after a long gap.I was stuck up in Office work from last two months. ...

Stop Raping me! Stop Raping my soul !

Time of Publication 10 Dec 2019 ( Read 31152 Times)
I am sorry for not writing from past many months. Please accept my apologies for writing on this topic again. I was planning to pen...

Mother's Day: Letter to a Mother

Time of Publication 13 May 2019 ( Read 39565 Times)
I have been reading a lot these days and one such quotation which came across was - “love exists because mothers exist”....

By the way: "It's Not Just a Story"

Time of Publication 10 May 2019 ( Read 34386 Times)
I have always shared my experiences with readers but this time I am not finding appropriate words to pen down my feelings on a piece...

English is not a measurement of Knowledge

Time of Publication 04 Apr 2019 ( Read 28644 Times)
Smitha was sitting idle in her room. She was looking sad and upset. I wanted to ask her about it but she refused to talk to me. She comes from a small town...

Brighter, better and wiser after ejecting from a wrong marriage!

Time of Publication 29 Mar 2019 ( Read 27778 Times)
Stella got divorce recently. Her husband Billy started a new life soon with his girl friend. Stella is feeling hurt emotionally. She was a faithful wife but Billy...
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