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When Trauma becomes an opportunity

Time of Publication 29 Jun 2021 ( Read 11736 Times)
Facing difficulties in lifetime is very common but when you face trauma, you become mentally very tough. I am not talking about day today life’s difficulties...

Warriors are never defeated

Time of Publication 29 May 2021 ( Read 13191 Times)
I moved to Sriganganagar last year as Assistant Director of Information and Public Relations. I suffered with mild fever and I was ...

By the way: Diapers are bleeding

Time of Publication 26 Mar 2021 ( Read 17109 Times)
Tanya is only 6 years old. She is lying on a hospital bed surrounded by machines. Her pain is immeasurable. Her eyes are fixed on the ceiling ...

- By the way-  Look beyond Black & white

Time of Publication 28 Sep 2020 ( Read 25995 Times)
A mixture of two is not possible for them. They never view the life with gray areas in between. They see people, situations...

By the way: Quarantine Diaries

Time of Publication 08 May 2020 ( Read 25642 Times)
The world is fighting with the deadly disease like corona and it is spreading everywhere in this ...

By the Way:  Why Can't we respect women every day?

Time of Publication 06 May 2020 ( Read 25329 Times)
It seems to be a stupid question to some of us. First of all I am sorry for writing after a long gap.I was stuck up in Office work from last two...

Why Can't we respect women everyday?

Time of Publication 02 Apr 2020 ( Read 33233 Times)

It seems to be a stupid question to some of us. First of all I am sorry for writing after a long gap.I was stuck up in Office work from last two months. ...

Stop Raping me! Stop Raping my soul !

Time of Publication 10 Dec 2019 ( Read 27236 Times)
I am sorry for not writing from past many months. Please accept my apologies for writing on this topic again. I was planning to pen...

Mother's Day: Letter to a Mother

Time of Publication 13 May 2019 ( Read 35605 Times)
I have been reading a lot these days and one such quotation which came across was - “love exists because mothers exist”....

By the way: "It's Not Just a Story"

Time of Publication 10 May 2019 ( Read 30756 Times)
I have always shared my experiences with readers but this time I am not finding appropriate words to pen down my feelings on a piece...

English is not a measurement of Knowledge

Time of Publication 04 Apr 2019 ( Read 25955 Times)
Smitha was sitting idle in her room. She was looking sad and upset. I wanted to ask her about it but she refused to talk to me. She comes from a small town...

Brighter, better and wiser after ejecting from a wrong marriage!

Time of Publication 29 Mar 2019 ( Read 25232 Times)
Stella got divorce recently. Her husband Billy started a new life soon with his girl friend. Stella is feeling hurt emotionally. She was a faithful wife but Billy...

Hoping to get Freedom some day

Time of Publication 06 Feb 2019 ( Read 35200 Times)
The world is celebrating women empowerment everywhere. We always talk about Kalpana Chawla, Sunita Williams, Indira Gandhi and many Indian females who have done extraordinary work for our country. ...

You Call It Nagging!

Time of Publication 08 Dec 2017 ( Read 38924 Times)
World is full of different minds and characters. Mostly women nag with their husbands on any particular...

Character is not a certificate of purity

Time of Publication 27 Oct 2017 ( Read 40806 Times)
Character of a woman is the most talked about thing in this world. In a moment a woman can lose her ...
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