Udaipur Dance Festival Set to Kick Off with Vibrant Celebrations from April 28th

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26 Apr, 24 11:01
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Udaipur Dance Festival Set to Kick Off with Vibrant Celebrations from April 28th

Uda ipur: M Sq u a r e Productions and Events, in association with Kathak Ashram Udaipur, will kick off the second season of the "UdaipurDanceFestival"inthe city on April 28th. All preparations forthe festival, to be held a t As h o k a Pa l a c e o n Shobhagpura 100 Feet Road, are nearing completion. The festival is expected to witness the participation of dance and art enthusiasts from Udaipur in large numbers.The upcomingDanceFestival,being organized for the first time in Udaipur, is poised to become a platform for attraction and artistic confluence forlovers of art, where they can express their cultural identityandskills. Event Secretary Pranjul Sharma revealed that the UdaipurDanceFestivalwillpresent a unique musical presentation of cultural dances, including Rajasthani,Gujarati, Punjabi,andKathak,whichwill be the center of attraction. Enthusiasm among art lovers and dancers is palpable leading up to the festival.Pranjul stated that this festival will offer a unique fusion of Rajasthani, Gujarati, and Punjabi dances. Artists will have the opportunity to showcase their art, enabling them toshinenotonlylocallybutalso on a global scale. The objective of this festival is to acquaint the city's danceandartloverswithIndia's diverseandvibrant cultureand tokeepthedanceartalive.We are confident that this festival will increase people's love for danceartevenmore-Mukesh Madhvani Mukesh Madhvani stated thattheUdaipurDanceFestival isdedicatedtoourmusicaland cultural heritage. It will color ourculturaldiversityinonehue. This festival aims to bring together various cultures, and it will also allow Udaipur resid e n ts to e x p e ri e n c e Bollywood's taste. In the UdaipurDanceFestival,wewill see Kathak's colors, and Ghoomar will make us proud. HerewewillalsohavePunjabi Bhangra and Gujarati Garba. People of all ages will be able to participate in the dance festival.ChandrakalaChaudhary, thefounderofKathakAshram, said that the Udaipur Dance Festival is an opportunity for the diverse cultures of the country, including Kathak, Rajasthani, Gujarati, and Punjabi, to come together. Throughthis festival,thediversity and richness of the country will be showcased. ForthefirsttimeinUdaipur, this will be an opportunity where various cultures will cometogether,andwewillalso get to taste Bollywood. In the UdaipurDanceFestival,wewill see the colors of Kathak and feel proud of Ghoomar. There will be Punjabi Bhangra here andGujaratiGarbatoo.People will be able to apply for participation fromAshoka Palace and Ashok Bakery. The organization of the Udaipur Dance Festival is a matter of pride for us - Nitin Dashora Nitin Dashora said that we are proud to organize the Udaipur Dance Festival Season 2. We are confident that this festival will not only promote dance art but also strengthen cultural unity.Nitin Dashoramentionedthatweare also getting support from the city's renowned industrial professionals for the Udaipur Dance Festival. Big brands of Udaipur are associated with us so that this event can be successful. Registrations have already startedforthis.Applicationscan be received from Ashoka Palace and Ashok Bakery.

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