MADAME Unveils AutumnWinter 2021 Collection

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29 Sep, 21 10:47
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MADAME Unveils AutumnWinter 2021 Collection

G u r u g r a m : Leading women’s western-wear brand MADAMEis thrilledto uncover its AutumnWinter 2021 collection, marked by a range of striking designs, innovative stylesandsilhouettes. Dedicatedtocreating comfortable and stylish apparel for young women, MADAME launched the collection with great gusto for women with varied tastes and preferences. Seasonal style paired with an underlying layer of comfort marks the AutumnWinter2021collection fo r th e b r a n d . MADAMEpresents a beautifully designed selection of brandnew styles alongside e x c i ti n g co l o u r palettes. Consisting of corepieces suchas topsanddresses,therangealsoexhibits a strong flavour of the winter season with items such as jackets, coats, cardigans, sweaters and sweatshirts - to complementthechillynightsoftheseasonwithsmart styleandwarmth. Commenting on her creative process, head designer at MADAME, Parika Rawal, said, “We are excited to present the AW'21 collection, which will provide our customers with the mostup-to-datestylesaswellasthefitandcomforttheydeserve. Our journey has been remarkable, and we continue to provide the highest quality clothing to young women. Our customer base has grown over time, and we've become more creative in our approach to providing the greatest fashions. With the unveiling of AW'21, we concentrated on a diverse range that will undoubtedly meet the needs of our customers”.

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