CIFDAQ Launches Ground breaking Blockchain Ecosystem in India: Pioneering Innovation and Compliance

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26 Apr, 24 10:24
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CIFDAQ Launches Ground breaking Blockchain Ecosystem in India: Pioneering Innovation and Compliance

Mumbai: CIFDAQ - The Evolution of Innovative Blockchain Ecosystem powered by AI, is a new-age fintech company that offers integrated solutions spanning the blockchainlayer1,nativecoin, exchange services, MPC Wallet, DeFi, NFT, gaming, and other products. It is proud to announce the launch of its India operations. CIFDAQ’s innovativesolutions bridge the gap between traditional frameworks and bloc k chain technology, empowering businesses to thrive in a rapidly evolving Web 3.0 landscape, ensuring a balance between centralized government, decentralizedeconomy,andusers’interests,CIFDAQprioritizes transparency, security, scalability, and synergy with centralized economies. CIFDAQ Bl o c k c h a i n Ecosystem Ind Limited is now officially registered in India andheadquarteredinMumbai, with additional offices strategically located in Delhi, Bengaluru, and Kolkata. Its debutintheIndianmarketrepresents its commitment to advancingtheblockchainlandscape.Speaking on the occasion, Mr.HimanshuMaradiya, Founder & Chairman of CIFDAQ, expressed his enthusiasm for CIFDAQ's entry into India, stating,"We are thrilled to embark on this new chapter of CIFDAQ's journey as we set foot in the vibrant and dynamic Indian market. Our innovativesolutionsarepoised to address the unique challenges and opportunities present in India's blockchain and digital finance ecosystem. We aim to empower businesses andindividualswithenhanced security and efficiency, driving growth and innovation across various sectors." Reflecting on CIFDAQ's India launch, Rahul Maradiya, Co-Founder and Global CEO, CIFDAQ commented, " We envision CIFDAQ as a catalyst for change, empowering businesses and individuals withcutting-edgesolutionsthat enhance security, efficiency, and accessibility in the digital finance space. Our goal is to revolutionize the blockchain ecosystem and unlock its full potential, paving the way for a moreinclusiveandprosperous future." From the age of 20 Rahul has contributed to conceptualizing CIFDAQ alongside his father,Mr.HimanshuMaradiya. Hehasbeenregularly featured among the Web 3.0 and blockchain global community as one of the key young entrepreneurs in the space.

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