Holds the first-ever Compass India Cook Off (CICO) challenge

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26 Apr, 24 10:25
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Holds the first-ever Compass India Cook Off (CICO) challenge

Compas s Group India, the fastestgrowing food and facility management services provider, announces the winners of the Compass India CookOff(CICO),anationwide culinary competitiondesigned to celebrate and elevate the talentsofitsexceptional chefs. This one-of-a-kind culinary spectacle promised an exciting display of culinary artistry and innovation. Six winning teams—three from Bangalore, two from Hyderabad, and one from Gurgaon—earned the privilegeofadvancingtothegrand finale after competing with 50 teamsacross thecountry.The regionalchampionsconverged for a sizzling national cook-off showdown on April 5, 2024. This ultimate culinary battleground took place in a designated kitchen in Bangalore, where the Hyderabad team was given the coveted title of CICOGrandFinaleChampion andtheGurgaonteamsecured a commendable runner-up position. Commenting on the initiative,Vikas Chawla, Managing Director, Compass Group India, said, “Compass India Cook Off (CICO) is a platform where we are encouraging our chefs to continuously developtheirskillsandexplore newculinaryhorizons.Wewitnessedthis spiritofinnovation and excellence at the recently concluded Grand Finale. A huge congratulation to our wel l-deserved winners, Hyderabad Team, whose creativityandexceptionalculinary talent truly embodied the core values of CICO.” “We are committed to creating a culture of innovation and excellence at Compass GroupIndiabyprovidingaplatformforour chefs toshowcase their talent and compete on a national stage. This is a winwin for all of us, as ultimately such initiatives benefit our teams, clients and their employees,whoexperiencea diverse and exceptional diningexperiencedeliveredbyour talented chefs at Compass Group India,” he added. Theculinaryjourneybegan with regional competitions across India, where top-performing teams competed for regional supremacy. Teams wereevaluatedbasedonwelldefinedcriteria,includingoverallappeal,presentation,recipe complexity, authenticity of flavours, innovative techniques, relevance to workplace menus, and adherence tocosttargets.Adistinguished panel of judges, comprised of bothinternalandexternal culinary experts, meticulously evaluated each dish, guaranteeing a fair and comprehensive assessment. The judges focused on factors like creativity,technical skills,andthe chefs’ability tomasterfullyuse ingredients and curate dishes that tantalise the taste buds and embody culinary excellence. CICO provides a platform for Compass Group India’s chefs to showcase their skills, creativity, and innovative culinary techniques while promotingculinaryexcellenceand diversity in the food industry. Chefs and their teams, representing diverse backgrounds and culinary traditions, competed head-to-head, pushing theirculinaryboundariestowin the coveted CICO Grand Finale Champion trophy. This intensecompetitionwasaimed at testing their expertise, passion,andabilitytocreateextraordinary dishes that captivate the senses and leave a lasting impression.

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