Poverty and student

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08 Dec, 17 11:44
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Monika Goyal

He is 7. He reaches school every day. He doesn't miss a single day. Even in fever he is at school. His eyes are red and swollen every day. One fine day, one of the parents notices this child's eyes and wonder if he has conjunctivitis.
They decide to talk to the principal about this to avoid other children getting infected. It so happens that the principal summons this child to class and the story unfolds. The child is from an extremely poor family and his parents cannot afford books for him anymore.
The family(comparatively better in financial status) living next to his house offer to help him in the sense that they allow him to use their child's books for studying but only after their child is done for the day.
This poor kid gets to read books after 10 p.m., does his home work in the dim light of his house and returns books by early morning. This causes strain to his eyes.
The rich parents are moved by the child's love for education and also by the family that helps him. They talk to the principal to arrange books for the child by asking the other students to donate their old books instead of selling them to raddiwala. This way the child gets course books.
This is also a message towards humanity; this is also a message towards saving paper by reusing old books for a better cause.
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