Prioritizing Child Protection for Fulfilling the Dreams of Viksit Bharat - Dr. Purohit

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17 Apr, 24 11:35
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Prioritizing Child Protection for Fulfilling the Dreams of Viksit Bharat - Dr. Purohit

In the run-up to the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, variouspoliticalpartiesareemphasizingsocialdevelopment,including the upliftment of various sections of society, in their manifestos. At this point, it is crucial to give priority to issues related to children, who constitutenearlyhalf of the nation's population below 18 years of age, to achieve the goal of building a Viksit Bharat.Thisconcern was expressed by educationist and Chairman of R.C.A.G., Dr. Sharad Chandra Purohit, during a meeting held at the Vivekananda Hall of Gayatri Service Institute, Sector 6, Hirnagari, Udaipur. Dr. Shailendra Pandya, former member of theRajasthanChildCommissionandchildrightsexpert,informed that a demand letter comprising 20 major demands has been prepared by subject experts through various dialogues and meetings, which will be submitted to various political parties tourgethemtoprioritizechildren'sissues.Dr.RajkumariBhargav, active member of R.C.A.G. and former member of the Child Welfare Committee, Udaipur, shed light on various issues concerning differently-abled children and suggested policy-level recommendations.Mr. Shivji God, District Education Officer, emphasized the availability of necessary facilities provided at each school level under the Right to Education Act. Dr. Rajshree Gandhi, social worker and R.C.A.G. member, highlighted issues related to children from tribal areas.Representatives from various NGOs, subject experts, retired officers, and R.C.A.G. members including Nitin Paliwal, Payal Kaneriya, Ashita Jain, and Govind Jangid attended the meeting.Finally,SubhashJoshi,representativeofGayatriService Institute, expressed gratitude.

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