Vote for Congress Candidate to Safeguard Democracy and Constitution: MLA Parmar

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17 Apr, 24 11:28
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Vote for Congress Candidate to Safeguard Democracy and Constitution: MLA Parmar

Nayagaon(Dr. Munesh Arora): MLA Dr. Dayaram Parmar, representing the KherwadaVidhanSabhaconstituency, urged the public to vote for the Congress party's candidate,TarachandMeena, to protect the country's constitution and democracy. Dr.Parmar,whileaddressing a public contact and dialogue program organized by theBlockCongressCommittee in Kherwada, in the presence of supporters fromChittorgarh Mandal in Kanbai of Patiya Mandal and Asarivad in Nayagaon Mandal, today for conducting voting in favor of Co n g r e s s c a n d i d a te Tarachand Meena for the Udaipur LokSabha elections, stated that the BJP government at the Centre is not functioning according to the constitution and does not believe in democracy. He warned that if the BJP returns to power in this election, democracy and the Indian Constitution will be endangered. The provision of reservation for Scheduled Castes,ScheduledTribes,and otherbackwardclasses injobs will be abolished. He said that surveys are being conducted to mine minerals in areas including Kundal, Masoda, andJhanjhari intheVijaynagar tehsil of Gujarat and the subdivisions of Nayagaon in the KherwadaVidhanSabhaarea and the surrounding villages, as well as in the Panchayat SamitiareaofBichhiwadadistrict in Dungarpur district, to displace tribal people. It is necessary to oppose this in Parliament. For this, it is necessary to vote for Congress candidate Tarachand Meena in the Udaipur Lok Sabha elections, who will take action in Parliament to stop this. In the public contact and dialogue program, Udaipur Lok Sabha Congress candidate Tarachand Meena addressed the public, stating thattheBJPpartyattheCentre has come to power by lying and has increased unemployment and inflation in the country due to its anti-people policies. Government institutions have been sold to capitalists.Governmentjobshave been terminated.Priorto this, Block Congress Committee President Dinesh Meena, ChittorgarhMandalPresident Limbararam Garasia, Patiya Mandal President Keshav Lal Kharadi, Nayagaon Mandal President Basant Kumar Solviya welcomed the guests with garlands, turbans, and words. The event was also addressed by Dehat District Co n g r e s s Co m m i tte e Pr e s i d e n t Ka c h r u l a l Ch a u d h a r y, Na y a g a o n Panchayat Samiti President Kamala DeviParmar, and former Sarpanch Doli Gameti. On this occasion, Deputy District Congress Committee VicePresidentKantiLalPatel, Organization Secretary Gajendra Kothari, Block Co n g r e s s Co m m i tte e Kherwada Spokesperson GaneshMeena,DeputyChief LakhushSalvi,DistrictCouncil Member Vishalya Kothari, BlockVicePresidentLalaBhai Gameti, Banshilal Baranda, SarpanchRamanlalBhagora, KalpeshDamor,SureshAhari, Devi Singh Garasia, Prabhu LalSolviya,PanchayatSamiti MemberAbdulRahimMakrani, Nathi Devi, Mani Devi, Seva Dal President Dharmachand Pandor, Block Congress Scheduled Caste President Mohanlal Meghwal, Block Congress Tribal President Lakshman Damor, representatives of the Congress ideology of the area, and a large number of rural people were present. The event was conducted by former Sarpanch Heeralal Gameti, Congress PanchayatUnitPresidentAjay Damor, and Muliram Ahari.

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