Techo Electra launches“NEO” , “Raptor” & “Emerge” in Udaipur

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15 Oct, 19 09:36
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Techo Electra launches“NEO” , “Raptor” & “Emerge” in Udaipur

Udaipur: Techo Electra, a Pune-based start-up,has launchedthreeofitselectric scooters inthecountry.ThescootersarecalledNeo, Raptor and Emerge. Theline-upcomprises3models:entry-level Neo,mid-rangerRaptorandtop-variantEmerge. Techo Electra scooters today launched its revolutionary new offerings “NEO”, “Raptor” and “Emerge” for the Indian Market in Pune, Maharashtra. Strikingly, the bikes have an asserted scope of upto120km, and they can becompletelyenergizedinaroundfourtoseven hours. On3rdOctober2019;TechoElectraopened the61st showroominBhilwara,Rajasthanand now planning to look at establishing itself in whole Rajasthan. Three models of Techo Electraelectricscooterswereofficiallylaunched by Techo Electra Motors Pvt. Ltd at the presenceofMr.PrakashBhootra,ManagingDirector – EV Techo Electra Motors Pvt. Ltd The EV scooterwillbringaboutrevolutionfortwowheeler riders. By launching these scooters we can protect the environment as it runs on batteries and there are no fumes or burning of fossil fuel in the engine. It has an intelligent battery management system in place that ensures that the batteriesdon'tcatchfirewhenoncharging.Customers are usually advised while taking delivery of the vehicle that the charging is to be done in a dry yet ventilated place. The MCB switch should be on while the ignition turned off. Mr. PrakashBhootra Said, “Techo Electra scootersare not only cost lesser than fuel vehicles butalsobringinhugesavings fortheconsumer intermsofhighrangeandagoodbattery life...., our scooters are noiseless, come with reverse switch to ease parking, new age looks, etc. on an average a customer can save over Rs.25000/- on vehicles from T E. Apart from savings, it’s time to do our bit and make our Country a better& a livable place to stay with a more cleaner environment. New age looks, Smartscooters,bringinginsavings....whatmore does one want

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