Water sources and promote their conservation

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27 Mar, 24 10:33
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Water sources and promote their conservation

Udaipur : In a bid to foster respect for water sources and promote their conservation, the women members of Bharat Vikas Parishad, led by Subhash, a female member, conducted a ceremonial worship of the Gangoo Kund in Ayodhya as part of the World Water Day pre-celebration week. They took an oath to utilize water judiciously and ensure the safety of water sources, aiming to prevent future generations from facing water crises.
During the event, the women members also celebrated the festival of Holi, engaging in traditional activities such as applying tilak, dancing, singing, and playing games. Among the prominent attendees were Rekha Dhakad, Dr. Manju Jain, Seema Khamesra, Manju Jain, Sarla Bathiya, Advocate Anjana Nagda, Kiran, Prabha, Nutan, Vandana, and several male members including N.K. Raka, Dr. Suhash Agrawal, water advocate Dr. P.C. Jain, Rajendra Khokhawat, Girish Sharma, Prof. N.M. Mehta, Bhajan Lal, Nirbhay Babel, among others.
Rajesh Nandawat, head of the Lake City branch, provided an overview of the program. The ceremony aimed not only to highlight the significance of water but also to underscore the collective responsibility towards its preservation and sustainable use, emphasizing the vital role communities play in safeguarding this precious resource.

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