As the infection continues to increase, so does the medication: Sisam Conservation

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02 Apr, 24 10:44
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As the infection continues to increase, so does the medication: Sisam Conservation

Udaipur . In a survey conducted on Saturday in the city and surrounding areas under the Sisam Conservation Campaign initiated by the Society for Microvita Research and Integrated Medicine (SMRIM), Udaipur, it was revealed that as much effort is being made to save the sisam trees, an equal number of sisam trees are being cut down. Society President Dr. S.K. Varma revealed that in the past few years, the number of sisam trees cut down this year is astonishing, compared to the relatively lesser impact of the coronavirus on sisam trees.

Along with this, the value of sisam has also increased from Rs. 1000 to 1500 /-. What's surprising is that a very large sisam tree, approximately 45-50 feet tall, which was passing through its flowering cycle, was seen shedding tears in anticipation of being burnt on the highest Holi bonfire in the city. It is obvious that if it has been cut down during its flowering phase, it has not only ended the possibility of fruit and seed germination but also halted the natural conservation of a species.
Secretary of the society, Dr. Vartika Jain, said that the society has continuously presented alternative options at the location of sisam, including using iron for Holi, cow dung cakes for Holi, etc., but the intellectual class is still not accepting it, and its transformation will result in the extinction of sisam from southern Rajasthan in the coming years. Society members have resolved to continuously plant and protect new sisam saplings for the success of the sisam conservation campaign and suggested that in this campaign, cooperation should also be sought from the Forest Department to impose a ban on sisam cutting.

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