Continuation of Water Source Worship Tradition!

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02 Apr, 24 09:45
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Continuation of Water Source Worship Tradition!

Since 2021, the tradition of water source worship, initiated by water advocate Dr. P.C. Jain, continues to be observed every year on World Water Day, promoting reverence and conservation of water sources. Even this year, the tradition of water source worship persisted, with ceremonies conducted in schools located in remote villages yesterday and today. The revival of this ancient practice aims to instill respect and protection for water sources among children.
At the Women's Polytechnic, Pratap, students performed the worship of a hand pump, which was previously recharged free of cost by the Hastimal Bapna Charitable Trust last year. Similarly, students at Udaipur Public School worshipped a tap, while staff members at PCITI Pratap Nagar also conducted a pump worship ceremony.
In G.P.S. Baya Talab, Kholadi village, a hand pump was recharged, and a sea worship ceremony was conducted in Juhu Beach, Mumbai. Students at Rajasthan Agriculture and Fisheries University participated in water source worship, as did students in Gadariyavas Government School. A rooftop rainwater harvesting system installed four years ago by the Mevad Group of Companies at Badranah and Jadol schools has also been worshipped annually since 2021, fostering a sense of reverence for water among students.
Water source worship ceremonies were also held at Padakhadri, Sakaroda, Kailashpuri, and Ekalinja Rajkiya schools. At Mohan Lal Sukhadia University, various institutions also performed water source worship. Under the leadership of Pradeep Sharma, a pledge to conserve water bodies was taken by lighting water lamps at Mohan Sagar Lake, Bagru.
Furthermore, several institutions at Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology also observed water source worship. Dr. P.C. Jain, a water advocate, continues to advocate for this tradition.

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