TDS meter like thermometer will have to be kept?

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28 Nov, 22 09:10
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TDS meter like thermometer will have to be kept?

Udaipur.TDS- is a measurement of the number of soluble solids in water, measured in milligrams per liter. Just as the body temperature above the limit can be fatal, in the same way, TDS above the limit can also be harmful. TDS from 250 to 500 is acceptable, and 250 mg per liter is perfect. In Vardhman Public Secondary School, Uttar Sundarwas, Dr. PC Jain, the water hero, checked the water TDS from the water 
brought by the students from their homes
 under the water-purity and water conservation campaign told them about the purity of their water.
They dissolved salt, sugar, and chalk and measured its T TDS; it came very high, mixed writing chalk in tap water (248), then it increased to 1130 mg per liter. Most of the TDS came from 220 to 274, which was tap water. 
30,52,62,110 mg of RO's water came, which is much less than the prescribed limit; they were advised to increase it.

Plastic bottles – keeping water in them for a long time can dissolve microplastic in water and can cause fatal diseases like cancer. He suggested keeping water in the metal bottle.
Just as a thermometer, pulse oximeter, glucose meter, and BP meter are kept in every house, in the same way, a TDS meter will also have to be held given the way water is getting contaminated.
Dr. Jain told us how to save water by spreading coconut peels in pots and trees in the presence of Director Bhagwati Lal Dak, Principal Sunita Paliwal, Anita Gupta, Priyanka Saxena, Sandeep Vyas.

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