Just waiting for an announcement, investor-ready, landmarked

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26 Jun, 20 10:23
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Just waiting for an announcement, investor-ready, landmarked

Udaipur: With the establishment of Film City in Lake City, now the Rajasthan government's permission has been only a hindrance. Earlier, no land was available near the city, lack of investor, etc. was coming to the fore. Still, due to ten years of hard work of Mukesh Madhwani, Chairman of Film Sangharsh Samiti, now only the government is waiting for its yes.
According to Mukesh Madhwani, till now, there was doubt about the land and money, which has also gone away because the administration has seen the land in the Gogunda area and many people associated with the film industry in Mumbai are ready to invest in film city production.. Just waiting for the permission of the Rajasthan government, after which work can be started for setting up Film City in Udaipur. Here, in this regard, the country's oldest PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industries wrote a letter to the Chief Minister of the state, Ashok Gehlot, reminding them of the promise mentioned in their manifesto, in which the Congress had said that the establishment of a film city in the state if a government is formed in Rajasthan.
The Chairman of the Rajasthan Committee of the Chamber, Digvijay Dhabariya said that as a result of the efforts of Mukesh Madhwani (PHD Chamber's Coordinator of Udaipur, PhD Chamber), who is striving for Film City at the local level, the district administration has also identified 526 bigha land in Gogunda area. Has been taken, which was the biggest obstacle in film city production. Now, this hurdle has been removed, then the announcement of the creation of Film City in Udaipur should be made.
Rajasthan committee co-chairman Sunil Dutt Goyal said that the production of FilmCity in Udaipur would employ millions of people in Udaipur, but the state government will also get more revenue as expected. He said that by becoming Film City in Rajasthan, the local and state talent would have an opportunity to showcase their talent at the national level. 
He said that the Udaipur city of Rajasthan is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The beauty of the city is not only convincing to the tourists but also attracts people associated with the film industry. Due to this, the shooting of any film, serial, web series usually continues here. Udaipur is, in many ways, a suitable place for a film city where all kinds of resources can be readily available. Along with this, about one lakh people will get direct and indirect employment in tribal-dominated South Rajasthan. Along with this, the establishment of Film City will increase productivity opportunities along with a positive impact on productivity and will have a direct effect on the country's economy.

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