Witness or doer

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11 Aug, 22 11:03
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- Sulekha Srivastava

Witness or doer

The universe is moving at its own pace. The earth is rotating very fast on its axis. Events are happeningvery fastintheworldandinthelifeofhuman beings. Time is running at an uninterrupted pace. On the world stage, you can't even understand one incident properly when another incident comes in front of your eyes. Nature and God are running the creation because nature and man are the only two forces in the whole existence; these mountains, rivers, plains, wind, sun, and sky all are part of nature, and the rest of the beings in different forms are human, male and female, animal, bird, insect, moth, etc. . These powers govern all water, land, and sky. Everything is happening under one rhythm, in one order and motion. Man cannot even understand this incredible system; how will he handle it then? He is a puppetinthehandsofnature. Whateverhedoes,nature is getting him done. This is why it is said to give up the feel of being a doer. You consider yourself to be an instrument being used by nature. So be a witness of your karmas. As the times and situations arise, using restraint and discretion, act with a witness spirit. Then it will also be easy to give up the feeling of ego. When there is no ego, there will be no mistakes, small or big, and the path of entry of misery in life will be automatically blocked. Only everlasting peace and bliss will emerge, which is the ultimate goal of human life. So keep going, keep going means keep moving towards the goal. The great poet Tulsidas said, Hui hai vhi jo Ram rachi rakha, Ko kri sakat bdhhavhi sakha.

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