Rajasthan Information Center Mumbai rejuvenated

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24 Aug, 22 08:19
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Rajasthan Information Center Mumbai rejuvenated

 Information centre means centres of information which are specially designed for storing, processing and disseminating information as per the needs of users, on-demand or selectively.
 Rajasthan Information Center Mumbai office was established in 1989.  It was established to keep the migrant people of Rajasthan connected with Rajasthan and to exchange and give information about the schemes being run by the Government of Rajasthan.  At present, Rajasthan Information Centers are established in the metropolis of the country's capital Delhi, the country's financial capital Mumbai and Kolkata.
 Rajasthan Information Center Mumbai also has a library where old books are kept.  The work of coverage is also done by this office during the VIP visits of the Chief Minister and Ministers from the Government of Rajasthan.
 The Public Relations Officer has been working here continuously since 1989.  This office remained closed for the last two years as the officer's post was vacant during the Corona period.  In December 2021, Public Relations Officer Smt. Ritu Sodhi was posted here by the state government.  Accepting the challenge of revamping the office here, Mrs Sodhi started working.  First of all, an attempt has been made to clean the office and give it a new look.  The walls of the office have been fixed and painted one by one.  They have been made attractive by making pictures on the walls.  This work has been done by the Public Relations Officer herself so that not only can the office be rejuvenated but it can also be saved from getting damaged.  In Mumbai, there is more rain, in such a situation, the walls get spoiled due to dampness and there is a danger of termites in the books too.
 Here the acrylic colour has been done firstly by applying cement on the walls, which will last for a long time and will also prevent dampness on the walls.  At present 70 percent of the work has been completed.  Mrs. Sodhi told that she has a special interest in painting.  She is doing this work considering her responsibility.  Earlier, she had also made wall paintings in the Sri Ganganagar office during the Corona period.  She also presented Shri Ganganagar MLA Shri Rajkumar Gaur, then District Collector Shri Zakir Hussain and member of Mahatma Gandhi Jeevan Darshan Samiti Shri Praveen Gaur by painting pictures of Mahatma Gandhi.
 Rajasthan Information Center welcomes you to a painting made on the outside gate of the Mumbai office.  Bright colors have been used according to the image of Rajasthan inside.  Not only this, wooden pieces lying in old junk, old matki and tiles have also been painted and given a new look. Old and almost worn out plastic and wooden tables have also been decorated with the help of MDF board.
 Mrs Sodhi said that by Diwali this office would be completely revamped.  This new initiative has been appreciated by the visitors visiting Rajasthan Information Center Mumbai.  In the coming time, the publicity by this office will also be increased by using new technology.

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