World Heart Day:Care! Control! Check!

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02 Oct, 20 08:28
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- Ritu Sodhi

World Heart Day:Care! Control! Check!

World Heart Day is celebrated on 29th September of every year.
World is already suffering from a pandemic ie Covid- 19. People are dying due to this disease but still not learning to take precautions. We celebrate world heart day every year to aware people about heart diseases. On an average, more than 17 million people die from heart-related illnesses every year. In the time of COVID-19, heart patients are facing with a double-edged threat.
Do you seriously care about your heart?
Every person knows about healthy eating habits, exercises, gym, supplements etc. Many people have turned into fitness freaks. Mostly people give advise to fat people to avoid eating food in large quantities. Every other person you meet will give you free advise to cook food in desi ghee or olive oil.Many people are taking up this as a profession where MLM companies have been trying to convince you to take their products which are beneficial for your body.
At the end, are we safe?
Still people are dying from this disease. Covid has been spreading so fast that each and every corner of the earth is effected. 
What should we do to avoid heart problems? 
Life and death are inseparable. We can not avoid death but it does not mean that we should not follow certain rules. 
Care! Control! Check! we must care about others. we must not talk ill or break hearts to fulfil our desires. We must control our tongues to speak ill or abusive language. We must check 9 times before we utter a single word. 
How does it help to prevent us from heart problems?
These are simple tricks to avoid chaos and mess in your life. when you follow these rules, you will be able to live a peaceful life. Unnecessarily fights and quarrels must be avoided to keep your mind cool. when you do so, most of your problems will vanish. 
Its a fact that heart is associated with mind and our brain controls every part of our body. It's good to understand the connection of each and every organ of our body. When you create troubles for others your own body absorbs the negativity and when time comes, it returns to you without giving information. You must learn to keep everything in it's proper place. 
Deceiving others may give you benefits for sometime but in later years your body will give you punishment.
I know some people will oppose me but it hardly matters. I am writing this to make you understand the connection of everything that exists on this planet of emotions. Emotions play a part to create good or bad environment around us. 
It's good to run, jog or exercise but it is most important to avoid bad habits. Nothing will work for you if you are not happy from inside. Money can buy super rich food or organic items for you but it's a big lie that rich people do not die. Michael Jackson was super rich. He always used to sleep in Oxygen filled room with all modern equipments and luxury items were all around him but could all these things avoid death?
A labourer is much more healthy who works in heat / cold or rain and sleeps on floor. He does not face heart failures. We are surrounded by machines and lazy environment where we have full time to gossip about others. This causes danger to our hearts. Let's avoid fights! Let's not do bad to others! Let's not only make our lives beautiful, there are other living beings too !Covid - 19 will stop when you start caring about others. Heart diseases will minimize when you care about others. It's logical and analytical information.Keep reading good books but try to implement good thoughts which you read on social media daily. 
On world's heart day, promise to care, control n check. After all it's your heart, make it healthy and live a good life. 

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