Defiant Spirit of Unyielding Womanhood

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26 Mar, 24 09:05
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- Hritu Sodhi

Defiant Spirit of Unyielding Womanhood

Women’s Day spec i a l # m y l i f e # m y f r e e - dom#mywayWhenIwasborn, I was taken care of by my parents and I cherish those moments of my life till now. Nobody wants to become old but it is not in our hands. Ageing is a process which can not be stopped. Every year women’s day is celebrated all over India. Nothing has changed much in my life from childhood to this age. Women were treated as sex objects, theyaretreatedbadlynowand theywillbetreatedlikethisonly. Whenasmall childis raped andwereadthestoryinanewspaper, we just say some emotional words, get upset and move on. When a teenage girl is molested somewhere, we behaveinthesameway.When a woman is targeted in the workplace, we do not bother to understand the pain of that woman. We are free to give long speeches and lectures to all the women who are mature enoughtodealwithalltheproblems by themselves. But it is ourrighttomakethemfeel inferior by talking behind their backs.Ifagirlwants toflyhigh, herownfamilyremindsherthat she is a girl. Being born as a girlhasbecomeastigma.Only girls have to learn how to speak, live and die in a particular way. These principles aresetby theso-calledjudges who are always ready to find mistakesinyourlifestyle.There are many issues which are not discussedbyusopenly.When a woman comes forward to complain about the behaviour of a particular male, we do not try to find a solution. Criticism starts from the moment you dare to speak. I can not comment without proof of who is right and who Is wrong. Isn’t it important to do an inquiry to findtherealculprit?Whyshould we avoid commenting on any ofthevictimsandaccusedwithout knowingthefacts?Itis simple because we can spoil the matter by doing that. Courts run on the basis of proof. Talking bad things about a woman has become so easy. Social media has given us a platformtoshowourrealselves but it is used to troll anyone now. If your constitution gives you the right to wear clothes according to your choice then what is the use of discussing a woman’s dressing style behind her back? Why does she have to live according to your thoughts all the time? Why she should not wear shortsandskirtsintheoldage? Who has set up the rules and why?Thebiggestquestionwill now be, “Has anything happened to me recently”? The answerisNO.Ihavebeencriticized since childhood for not being a stereotype. I dressed up with style and class. I have mastered many skills. I contributedtosocietybuttheseare notdiscussedevenonce.Italk to men comfortably and I wear Western clothes at this age. This isbecauseofmyupbringing. People will only discuss this because this is the easiest way to target you as a woman. If they can not break you, they try everything to bring you down. Why don't these men stop drinking and abusing their better halves? Why don't they just stop raping small children? Why don't they speak up when a woman is abused or molested anywhere? Have you done anything to make your family proud? Have you spent a single penny on anyone who is suffering? Raising your hand is an act of power, raping is your right, and abusing girls is easy. The most difficult thing is to check your intentions. If you can not compete with a woman, it's easy to blame her character.People willread my article with fear in their minds because they do not want to be exposed. But they will not change. My advice is please donotattendanyprogramson Women’sDay.Hypocrisy isnot needed now. Go to your home and continue misbehaving till your last breath. We as a woman are always ready to bear your nonsense. We will continue to feed you and your male ego. Come and rape us till your lust gets satisfied. Come and abuse us till your lastbreath.Womenwillforgive you for giving birth to all the maleswholovetogossipabout the sexy bodies of all the females. Please continue all theefforts todestroyawoman. She will never be defeated. Womenarebornfighters,they will discover how to survive in this world.

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