Book Review: 'The Handicrafts of Rajasthan' By Pannalal Meghwal

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31 Mar, 23 10:11
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Ritu Sodhi

Book Review: 'The Handicrafts of Rajasthan' By Pannalal Meghwal

 Handicrafts art of Rajasthan is world famous. The art and crafts here are diverse as well as useful and important. Its compelling patterns have not only astounded the world market but also have made its own identity. This is quite natural to see that foreign tourists have a special interest and attachment towards the handmade items here which is a good source to earn foreign exchange.
  In Rajasthan, on the one hand, there are fascinating toys made from magical soil, on the other side, there are many charming pieces of artwork made from wood, rocks, glass, metal, animal skin, lac, oyster and Blue Pottery. There is no match for Rajasthan's crafts of dying, printing, weaving, Bandhani and patchwork on the fabrics. The book 'The Handicrafts of Rajasthan' written by Mr Pannalal Meghwal is one such a fine work, in which, there is the shine of the artistry of Rajasthan's handicraftsman and the fragrance of Rajasthan's magical soil.
  In 'The Handicrafts of Rajasthan' the writer has widely described the various art forms of Rajasthan such as engraving on swords and shields, Tarkashi, Theva art, artistic work on glass, engraving on thermocol and sandalwood, the art of Bassi, wooden toys, bow arrow, dying and printing, blue pottery, sculptures of mobile, Phad painting and Usta art of Bikaner etc.
  The writer believes that art is an expression of the elation and joy of life. Art plays a very a useful and important role in the development of society. Imagination, which the help of various art forms, creates a new art pattern. The artist plays a very vital role in keeping the art alive. The artist is a precious work of God. A talented artist is not a seeker of an institution or an art guru. He always shows the hunger for creation through his talent and art.
  While underlining the traditional arts, Mr Meghwal has felt that whatever the medium and circumstances, the development of the art has not stopped but has been progressing with innovative experiments, making circumstances favourable. The courtyards of the houses, doors and walls become a canvas for the people living in the lap of nature. They express the lives of their surroundings through the various forms of art with the help of nature such as the traditional colours made from lime, mud, ocher, and turmeric and using plants and tree twigs as brushes.
  There has been a glorious past of the handicraft artist of Rajasthan due to their rural background, eye for beauty and skilled craftsmanship. Even if an artist is able to sell his wares on the roadside, modern in his approach, it is because the roots of that art lie in an old tradition. The rich heritage of Handicrafts available in Rajasthan makes one proud. 
   The writer of this book, Mr Pannalal Meghwal is an M.A. in Hindi literature with first division. Mr. Meghwal has retired from the Information and Public Relations Department as the Joint Director. He has edited the book Kavya Kunj and Rajasthan ke mand Geet. He wrote Rajasthan shilp Soundarya ke pratiman, Rajasthan ke Durg, Rajasthan ke Lokgeet, Rajasthan lokabhivyakti ke Aayam, Rajasthan ke prachalit lok Nritya, Rajasthan ke prachalit Hastshilp and The Folk Dances of Rajasthan books. On art and culture his near about 650 articles published in various state and national-level papers and magazines.
  The Governor of Rajasthan Shri Kalraj Mishra released the book on 15 March 2023 at Raj Bhavan Jaipur.
This book is important for students preparing for competitive examinations.
This book is interesting and useful for libraries and educational institutions, as it gives information about Handicrafts and Rajasthan's art and culture.
Mr Meghwal has gifted his book to Rajasthan Information Centre Mumbai for the library. The book is published from sahityagar, Jaipur. In this book 40 Handicrafts arts have been published with the attractive pictures in 240 pages. The book cost is rupees 500. This is available at Sahityagar, Amazon and Flipkart.

Ritu Sodhi
Public Relations Officer
Information centre Mumbai

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