“Humanity is the biggest measure of success”- Dharmendra

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14 Mar, 19 09:40
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“Humanity is the biggest measure of success”- Dharmendra

Mumbai The 38th annual day of the Children Welfare Centre High school and Clara’s College of Commerce was organised in a school Ground, in which students presented dance, a play based on social media and different cultural programs.On the occasion, while addressing the students, veteran actor Dharmendra said “ The humanity is the biggest measure of success in life. If you are a good human being, it doesn’t matter, what you materially in this world. If you nurture humanity within yourself, then you are a successful human being. As against this, if you become big by obtaining higher post and money, but you are not a good human being, your valuation is zero in my estimation.Actress ShilpaShetty appreciated the programs presented by the students and urged them to   be away from the junk food as far as possible. Besides, she advised them to remain linked to our rich virtues. Actor PunitIssar, who got recognition world over, by portrayal of Duryodhan’s role, dwelt upon maintaining good health and said that “Our traditional diet is full of rich nutrients. 

As such the youth should avoid food supplements and should include milk, curd and other staple food items in their meal.


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