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Killing Covid V/S Combating Society

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03 May, 21 04:34
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- vilas janve

Killing Covid V/S Combating Society

These days I am not finding a single family who has not suffered any loss caused by Covid-19. Negative news from all corners has shattered me. Newspapers explain pictures in more detail. Most of them carry features by eminent scholars and visionary personalities alarming and guiding readers. The photos of demised people exhibited also dishearten. But that is the reality we are all facing. The plight is pathetic. This time asks me and measures my capacity to console the families of my friends and dear ones.
Some Social Media put Negative videos and photos cursing present situation.  Their video, image, or messages narrate sad and scary stories caused by Covid-19.  Most people glance at such horrifying videos and forward them to others, considering them as social service.  Some of them boast too. But such communications make us more terrified, confused, and helpless. Most of us are followers, and those too blind followers. Very few are rational thinkers who know that such practice would make many mentally sick and panic rather than heal them. Many things are not in our hands.  This war is extraordinary that we suspect danger from people we deal with.
Sustain in such a situation is a big challenge. But we must understand our age-old sayings; Himmat-e- Marda Madad- e -Khuda; Time is a great Healer; Sir Salamat to Pagadi Pachas; Ummeed Pe Tiki Hai Duniya;Dhaai Aakhar Prem Ka Padhe So Pandit Hoy and so on.
God has given us many Hidden strengths. Everyone has the potential to lead a life in all problematic situations. There are many instances we can study from History. The question right now is not making few persons as Heroes, but all of us Heroes.
God has given us wisdom and inner power, which has been explored only by a few. Those who have understood their eternal power have started changing the black picture to white. They have unconditional love for others. They started Voluntary Social services by providing Medical, Financial, Social help and, most importantly, boosting positive thinking among disheartened people. Salute to their selfless services.
Many friends and relatives are sharing various indigenous traditional or innovative methods to combat Covid-19. Some suggest the use of Onions, some Salt, some Pranayams, some exercises, and so on. Most interestingly, some Gyan Chand and Rai Chand (over-enthusiastic people) are forwarding free medical prescriptions also. Honoring their sentiments, it would always be better to discuss family Doctors or physicians' lists along with their mobile numbers.
 The artiste's clan has started creating healthy and inspirational songs. Theatre persons and Sociologists have come out with success and inspirational stories, healthy senses of humor, and fun-filled statements to make us relaxed, motivated, and fine-tuned. 
  My friend  Krishna Kate says;
‘Zindagi Ek Safar Hai Aur Safar Ek Adjustment Hai.' If we cannot change the situation, then we should change ourselves.  Observing Covid-19 protocol makes us sensitive to safeguard our precious lives. Our past mistakes should not make our life miserable. But while maintaining precautions, we must not let our morale down.  The time tests our Shock absorbers. This recalls the dialogue of Sholey—‘Jo Dar Gaya Samjho Mar Gaya'. We have to live a quality life. Those who are with families must make maintain peace and unconditional love in the families. Talking to distant relatives and friends on the phone becomes more personal and concerned than sending messages.The motivation would go a long way in a normalizing situation very fast.
Lastly…  I do not hesitate to be called Mungeri Lal, who sees Haseen Sapane( Sweet Dreams). I see a strange dream... I see that all the citizens of India, irrespective of their profession, geographical location, political background, social status, caste, creed, religion, and gender, etc. have started Working with Honesty, empathy, and commitment to serve others (As all the Saints and Prophets have said many times in their discourses) . Aha…What a wonderful scenario…Within a month, people have forgotten their sorrows and anger, overcome their Negative mentality, and are creating an excellent example of coexistence with human beings and mother Nature….
I do not hesitate to share this dream and make myself prepared to behave what I dreamed. I wish many of our readers join me … I like this song; ‘Kisi ki Muskurahaton pe ho Nisar. Kisi Ka Dard Mil Sake To Le Udhar,Kisi Ke Vaste Ho Tere Dil Men Pyar, Jeena Isika Naam Hai’.. Do you also love it?    

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