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Vakar Hussain: Express him self

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03 May, 21 04:40
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 Vakar Hussain: Express him self

Jaipur Ratna samaan samaarho it is very very special for me.My pleasure is I have achieve from Rajasthan and all over India's most popular serial production sakti film production - manager , owner. And many artists, workers in between the all celebrities l have achieve the award but! I think I didn't deserve this honour actually"khuda a pak's blessing.this is my 38th achievement.jaipur Ratna Samman this is  my precious award and I remember through  my life and thanks to all the team.Vakar Hussain: Struggle is the name of life without struggle we don't get anything just as like this..their is a story of Vakar Hussain, the life starts from footpath and from his talent he travel to Britan, Scotland & America(US), Vakar Hussain only happy to listen and see the pictures of the Maharaja but from his talent he visit to the palace and talked to the Maharaja.Film Industry all Bollywood star know him, and they honor him, Every religion is equal to all and the religion is only the honor. From this the result is that he make Shri Ganesh Ji many sculpture by Crystal Glass till 2500 and many more sculpture that are relate to the "Shastra" and their is one of the most smaller Ganesh Ji only of 3mm. that was recorded in "Royal Success International Book of Record".
Bharat Sarkar, Raj Sarkar were Hounered him and love his art and so he only said - "It can only be called the byproduct of past lives".
Hounered by "Pujya Sant Shri Tarun Sagar Maharaj Ji" and "Pujya Sant Shri Murari Bapu Ji"...People of all religions honor him..It is only my pleasure.
Vakar Ji only say - "Till date, I have received many awards, that I only dedicated it to the Mother India Jai Hind Jai Bharat"

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