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19 Dec, 17 12:59
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The state government has completed four years in office and they have released a list of things accomplished. This is nice to see the government has the courage to come up with its achievements to face the public. This also means that substantial work has been done in these four years. Good, but this is just the beginning of the review process. Yes, like organizations carry out a complete review and assessment cycle before announcing appraisal, it's time for people to take charge and act as commanding manager.
The report card of four years is the self-assessment by the government. This needs to be verified by people. You do not need to sit one fine day to approve or disapprove claims, rather, you can take time to review all the claims gradually.
For example, if the claim says that all the schools are now facilitated with proper washrooms and separate facilities for girls, you just can ask your kid to verify. If your kid does not attend a government school, you can ask any student nearby to check the facts.
And your job does not end here. Besides reviewing all the tall or short claims, you also need to check whether all unsaid but implied responsibilities have been fulfilled or not.
Generally, it is portrayed that a responsible citizen's role starts and ends at casting the vote. Well, not casting a vote is no less than a crime but alone that exercise does not help. You perhaps will be driven by the family members' opinion or will get swayed with the polished orating skills of the leaders. But that only helps the leaders. And you must work to ensure that a candidate who gets your precious vote is well worthy of it. You cannot even say that I chose the bad to worse. You can always choose NOTA in case you feel all the candidates are useless or have betrayed you in the past.
The informed decision makes you a sincere and responsible citizen. It also ensures that only people who are capable to work enter the assembly.
The time is now.
The correct idea is to send good people to the assembly. Good people, even if hail from different ideologies will end up with a socially useful decision.
All the best for your review cycle Udaipur.
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