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Mohanlal Sukhadia University's ambitious educational project to be set Center of Excellence: “ Shrinath Peeth"

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29 May, 21 03:33
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Mohanlal Sukhadia University's ambitious educational project to be set Center of Excellence: “ Shrinath Peeth"

Another gift of Vice Chancellor Amarika Singh to the students and researchers as the establishment of the Center of Excellence for Public Heritage, Art, Literature, Culture, Educational Promotion in the State

Shrinath Peeth will play an essential role in educational upliftment, cultural preservation, and skill development: Center of Excellence of University State-of-the-art Temple of Higher Education System: - Prof. Amarika Singh, Vice-Chancellor.

Jaipur/Udaipur. 26 May, Udaipur's Mohanlal Sukhadia University "Center of Excellence" will soon be recognized across the country to develop educational promotion, skills, and knowledge of higher and technical education students of Rajasthan Pradesh. The University will give new gifts to the state's students with its ambitious educational project and establishment of "Shrinath Peeth" as its center of excellence. This center of excellence, set up on 15 acres of land in Nathdwara city of Rajsamand district, will establish new dimensions of progress of University and higher education students of the state. In time to come, this "Shrinath Peeth" will also be recognized as another university campus of the University. Many donors of the division have shown interest in supporting the establishment of this center of excellence. This center will establish its identity throughout the country as the foremost research center of the state. Vice Chancellor Prof. America Singh is working with the district administration, higher education department, revenue department, governor, and state government to effectively implement this center of excellence.

To bring awareness among students about arts, culture, educational civilization, new curriculum, and higher education, promote knowledge science, research, and research, and make the global standards of higher education more widely recognized among the public and especially among the public legislatures. The establishment of Shrinath Peeth will be the primary objective. This center will establish new dimensions for the students of higher education of the state. With its establishment, the facility will develop national and international recognition and recognition of the state's state-of-the-art Center of Excellence for Higher Education.

Prof. Amarika Singh, Vice Chancellor of Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Elaborating on the outline of this center of excellence Shrinath Peeth, Amarika Singh said that to promote quality education, promote Indian arts and culture, and the worldwide progress in higher education, the progress of students and education system in an effective manner The main purpose of establishing this center is to use for. Excellent use of the tools available in the University is the core concept of the Center of Excellence.

Strive to achieve literacy in the state, integrate knowledge and science knowledge, organize teaching programs for students, teachers, and public, develop curriculum materials at school and college level through teacher training programs, and generate new ideas. To encourage the curious mind, to show and demonstrate the progress of science and technology of the country, to preserve and disseminate the science and technical heritage of the country, to encourage all faculty and class students and researchers to develop and promote the creative and scientific skills of students of arts, science-commerce, engineering and literature classes, showing and demonstrating the progress of science and technology, this bench with its vision of the Department of Higher Education and the State Government Soon after the approval of the government, the country and the state will soon be set up to make educational progress. This will provide a new environment for the students associated with higher and technical education of the state and establish its identity throughout the country as a leading institution of the Union Territory. This Center of Excellence will play an important role in improving the economy and skill development of the people at the local level and making a significant contribution to self-employment.

Professor Singh said that the promotion of folk heritage, sports, dance, music, language, art, literature, culture, science, commerce, engineering, and various courses encourages important research, research, and scientific work at the national and international levels. Drawing, educational promotion of tribal students of the state, conducting vocational and skill-based employment courses, various employment training programs, literacy programs, girls education and employment training for women, multiple courses and employment training programs, research of universities Conducting meetings of conferences on matters related to work, advising the government and other bodies on the issues related to higher education such as the innovative science "Shrinath Peeth" of Mohanlal Sukhadia University from the Center for Higher and Technical Education Will benefit the stakeholders involved.

Under the direction of senior academicians in the country and the state, it will be the unique world-class center of excellence of its kind in the country. Initially, it will be the Center for Public Heritage Studies, in which work will be done on the preservation of folk arts and the preservation of folk culture and an action plan to revive it. With the establishment of such centers, a lot of potential has developed in multidisciplinary research. The state's young students are hardworking and honest; their skills can be further enhanced by skill development. Keeping in mind the regional priorities, we have prepared an action plan for this center of excellence. Through these institutes, research related to tribals is expected to be further promoted, which will help the government in deciding policies related to tribals. Technical education plays a vital role in the country's development by creating a skilled workforce, increasing industrial production, and improving the quality of life of the people. India is a large industrialized country. The country now needs qualified professionals, so this Shrinath Peeth will provide technical skills to the youth and prepare them as global competitors.

Objectives of “Shrinath Peeth," a knowledge project proposed by Mohanlal Sukhadia University


1. To preserve the folk heritage, language, art, literature, the culture of the state of Rajasthan and promote them among the general public.

2. To develop a positive attitude and temperament towards higher education in rural and tribal areas and create an environment for girl education and increase higher education enrollment.

3. Development of science and technology and use of its innovation in human welfare.

4. To make maximum use of technology to better the students and common people of cities, cities, and rural areas by organizing exhibitions, seminars, popular lectures, science camps, and other miscellaneous programs for education and science.

5. To improve the quality of education being imparted in universities/colleges and promote research and research among the students by organizing various activities of teachers/students / young entrepreneurs/technicians and others on specific technology topics to organize and organize benefit training programs.

6. To identify and use the areas of education, literature, science, and technology for their development and make maximum use of science and technology to fulfill the educational society.

7. To initiate research, demonstration, and developmental schemes, programs for the coordinated development of the University, initiate and coordinate programs, and promote innovation by adopting science and the latest technology.

8. To create new and innovative action plans related to higher education and to benefit the students.

9. To be complementary to the technical efforts of the University. To work with national and state level and technology institutions of similar objectives.

10. To take action related to appropriate technology to solve the problems of high and technical systems, promote education, and outline and reward remarkable research and development works in science and technology.

11. Generally, all those activities, programs in which public heritage, art, literature, culture, science, technology, commerce, engineering, development of the skills of the legislators is accelerated.

12. Will organize knowledge events, conferences, workshops dissemination trends, access to the latest research, global best practices, industry, and education.



Prof. Amarika Singh, Vice-Chancellor, says that:


“The Shrinath Peeth will be the state's high-level leading research institute for the preservation and development of the fields of folk heritage, art, literature, culture, science, and technology, commerce, engineering. I believe that our students should be benefited by effectively using the progress made in the higher and technical education world. This "Center of Excellence" will work for the expansion, popularization, and promotion of science and technology to arouse interest in the youth and students and the educational upliftment of the state's students. I hope that this knowledge project of Sukhadia will develop science and technology and pave the way for higher and technical education, which will benefit the students of our state and their innovation; research will give a new condition and direction to our country and system. I am confident that this Center of Excellence will give Sukhadia University a new identity on the international stage. Revolutionary changes are taking place in the technical field all over the world. In such a way, young students should also become competitive by acquiring proficiency in smart technology; this center will fulfill these demands of the current market. It is necessary to make the University financially self-reliant and to ensure the effective contribution of the University in various ambitious schemes related to industrialization and development of the state government."               -Prof. Amarika Singh, Vice-Chancellor, Mohanlal Sukhadia University-Udaipur

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