Run for Kidney' organized on World Kidney Day, promoting kidney health awareness

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28 Mar, 24 10:55
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Run for Kidney' organized on World Kidney Day, promoting kidney health awareness

Udaipur, A joint effort by Pacific Medical College and Hospital, Tirupati College of Nursing, and Pacific College of Physiotherapy marked the occasion of World Kidney Day on March 14, 2024, by organizing a 'Run for Kidney' marathon to raise awareness among the masses about kidney health and diseases.

The program coordinator, Dr. Mohit Nareti, explained that the initiative began with a marathon on the theme of Kidney Health for All at Fatehsagar, emphasizing the importance of kidney health awareness. The flag-off was done by PMCCH Chairman Rahul Agrawal, Executive Director Aman Agrawal, Hospital Superintendent Dr. R.K. Singh, Urologist Dr. Hanwant Singh Rathore, Nephrologist Dr. Mohit Nareti, Endocrinologist Dr. R.K. Sharma, Dean of Physiotherapy Dr. Jafar Khan, and Associate Professor Sajay Nagda from the College of Nursing.

Chairman Rahul Agrawal stated that such events would increase awareness about kidney health among Udaipur's citizens, ultimately saving lives by timely intervention.

About 300 participants, including students from Pacific Medical University and local runners, took part in the run, receiving prizes and appreciation awards.

During the event, Urologist Dr. Hanwant Singh Rathore emphasized the importance of kidney health in modern life and how lifestyle factors affect kidney function. He highlighted the role of kidneys in maintaining bodily functions and how even the simplest tasks become difficult without healthy kidneys. He stressed that attention to diet and lifestyle could prevent kidney diseases and their complications.

Dr. Mohit Nareti, the program coordinator, warned against the increasing incidence of kidney diseases due to modern life stress and the indiscriminate use of painkillers, which are harmful to the kidneys and increase blood sugar levels.

He further explained that kidney diseases often go unnoticed in their early stages, but increased awareness and attention to symptoms could lead to timely diagnosis and treatment.

The aim of World Kidney Day is to raise awareness about the importance of kidneys worldwide and the impact of kidney diseases and related health issues. Additionally, a medical quiz competition was organized for students, with winners being rewarded and honored.

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