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05 Mar, 19 08:11
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After the surgical strike, the air strike conducted by Indian Air Force has not just destroyed an important location of terrorists, but it also has eloquently delivered the right message. Internationally, India was limited to sharing dossiers and proofs of casualties caused by militants to Pakistan and the world. But, taking a step further, the peaceful country has cleared that it can retaliate as and when required. The aggression by the forces was perfect, and it carried some substantial actions too.

India’s recent strike came in response to the cowardly attack on a military convoy which left 40 Indian soldiers martyred in Pulwama. Now since the last two attacks, Indian forces have started to retaliate professionally, which is an announcement that response will be befitting and thus militants will think many times before their next move.

The peace process, of course, is required as people from both sides are human and wish to live with modesty; none wants to die a death controlled by others. But until recently, only Indian side of people was trying as their military was working in extreme conditions to protect them. Now the same fear will go in Pakistan too. Any attack in India would be a call for retaliation from Indian forces, and of courses, given the proven capability of the Indian power, the loss on the other side of the border will be fiercer than one could imagine.

Its time for the people of Pakistan to prepare for another battle of freedom—this time against the extremist organizations that love the blood bath—of others of course. They need the freedom to live peacefully and for that, they must look to reinstate the democracy in true meaning.

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s gesture of returning the captured wing commander Abhinandan was as per the Geneva accord and does not still sound like he looks serious about helping people of both sides of the border get rid of the menace of terrorism. He needs to take a few more steps as India has already exhausted all the peace process steps.

The world has supported India in its action against terrorism, which means the ball is in Pakistan’s court. With an economy being supported by foreign aid, the country needs to sit and think if it can survive any longer? The people must understand that they are only heading towards a dark future covered with blood and smoke all around.

India’s military now has a free hand, and they are combing out every terrorist from the country. With that, we also need ways to employ our people in constructive and reputed jobs. Development is the only way to peace as people who work remain busy in making the country; they would never like to destroy the same.


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