The system of democracy

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17 Dec, 17 11:37
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In the midst of election campaigns, voting, counting, and then government formation, we've reached a stage where at least a few months are wasted totally. Not just the state that is facing elections, the entire nation gets stuck with this democratic system which ends up halting everything everywhere.
The main problem is national leaders are forced to jump into the local arena and support local candidates who clearly are unable to win on their own. So, the image and charisma of a leader who has nothing to do with the local issues and resolutions are used to influence people they do not know and least care about.
The entire system is in strong need of an overhaul. We, the people of the country wonder why an MLA who has worked for more than five years in the past cannot afford to face the public alone. Why they need support from other leaders and star personalities?
This is nothing less than an attempt to influence or intimidate people in ways other than those of real democracy. We always know that any rally does not get people gathered on their own. Most of the people are transported from remote areas to show that the leader has popular personality. Leaders too, take a comfortable way of orating written scripts and add creative punches to make it to the headlines.
Leaders comfortably read out new promises and this easily overshadows the pamphlet of promises distributed five years back. We never hear that a minister has come out with proof of development done by them in last five years before asking for votes in the next term. Those looking to defeat the existing leader would even make more impractical and rather silly promises to influence people.
And because both these leaders are devoid of concrete material to convince people, they bring their political big brothers and use a larger image of the party to cover up all that they failed to do and perhaps will fail further.
The ideal situation in a democracy should be very simple. The existing office bearer representative should not be there in the need for any campaign. You don't need to prove that a flyover was built in last five years or employment was improved in these years. All these and others are self-explanatory. Similarly in a positive approach to development, the newcomer or representative from the opposition will present a roadmap to the development they have for the next term, if they win.
Development has never been the issue at the helm and this is why it never got any recommendation or propositions in elections. Promises followed by abusing others is all that we see in elections.
But this is all that we have sowed for years, isn't it?
We have been voting for people who make false promises and do not stay accountable for their work. There is an option of NOTA if you feel to use. It needs a gentle push with the strongest mindset that we want our country developed in real. Let the good people stay and kick the corrupts out. You can do this and only you can do this.
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