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Humdum ...

Time of Publication 17 Jul 2017 ( Read 2217 Times)
Tumhi haqiqat ho
Tumhi mere khwaab
Tumhi se din
aur ...


Time of Publication 06 Jul 2017 ( Read 1253 Times)
Welcome to the imaginary land
My thoughts make this a dream land
Where leafs are singing on the beats
Flowers are smiling on the trees...

Zindagi ki Kitaab se

Time of Publication 06 Jul 2017 ( Read 3611 Times)
kuch panne palatne ka mann kiya
Kuch ne khikhila diya, kuch ne num kiya
Bahut se kisse yaad aaye ...


Time of Publication 01 May 2017 ( Read 2369 Times)

Sunday, my favourite day

Time of Publication 21 Mar 2017 ( Read 2435 Times)
It's a sunny day, going to be a funny day
Come on my friends let's play!...

Ek shaam, ek khwaab, aur thodi se fursat

Time of Publication 07 Mar 2017 ( Read 2797 Times)
shaam, ek khwaab, aur thodi se fursat
Aa jana kabhi - dono -, baithhenge der tak...


Time of Publication 02 Mar 2017 ( Read 2579 Times)
I Love you because i know i can always trust in you; because you love freely surely without reserve.


Time of Publication 09 Jan 2017 ( Read 3345 Times)
Shaam-e-Sitambar si raushan jo ho tum
Kyon khushnuma ye samaa ho na jaaye
BaaloN ki baareek kirnoN mein...

Merry Christmas

Time of Publication 26 Dec 2016 ( Read 3375 Times)
December, My favorite month of the year..brings
Snow & Santa , colours of Red n White...

Ab Jo Tanhaa Se Hum Hain

Time of Publication 19 Dec 2016 ( Read 4337 Times)
Ab jo tanhaa se hum hain
Har taraf se sitam haiN...

How many ages have passed?

Time of Publication 14 Dec 2016 ( Read 3953 Times)
How many ages have passed,
Since I first saw you...

The Butterfly

Time of Publication 05 Dec 2016 ( Read 5300 Times)
The butterfly is lost in the garden of Eden.
My daughter wants to get it...

Success is counted sweetest

Time of Publication 25 Oct 2016 ( Read 4455 Times)
SUCCESS is counted sweetest
By those who ne'er succeed...

I'M Glad To Be Me

Time of Publication 18 Oct 2016 ( Read 4712 Times)
I look in the mirror
And what do I see...

Sing with the wind

Time of Publication 11 Aug 2016 ( Read 4674 Times)
I sing with the wind all day
Remembering beautiful moments each day,...
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