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Beauty of Nature

Time of Publication 28 Aug 2017 ( Read 2323 Times)
Round & Round
Shades of light
Dark & Bright...

Meri Anku

Time of Publication 01 Aug 2017 ( Read 2205 Times)
Maine jab dekha tha tumhe pehli bar,
Aankhon mein Chand, Taare, Suraj chamak rahe they,...

Music is my life

Time of Publication 01 Aug 2017 ( Read 2185 Times)
Music is my life,
music is my world,
I open my eyes as the music plays ...


Time of Publication 25 Jul 2017 ( Read 2283 Times)
Maa tum se jhagdaa tum se hi pyaar
Tum par hi hain ye sab adhikaar
Par tumhaare pass mere liye ...

Humdum ...

Time of Publication 17 Jul 2017 ( Read 5620 Times)
Tumhi haqiqat ho
Tumhi mere khwaab
Tumhi se din
aur ...


Time of Publication 06 Jul 2017 ( Read 3617 Times)
Welcome to the imaginary land
My thoughts make this a dream land
Where leafs are singing on the beats
Flowers are smiling on the trees...

Zindagi ki Kitaab se

Time of Publication 06 Jul 2017 ( Read 5731 Times)
kuch panne palatne ka mann kiya
Kuch ne khikhila diya, kuch ne num kiya
Bahut se kisse yaad aaye ...


Time of Publication 01 May 2017 ( Read 4521 Times)

Sunday, my favourite day

Time of Publication 21 Mar 2017 ( Read 4213 Times)
It's a sunny day, going to be a funny day
Come on my friends let's play!...

Ek shaam, ek khwaab, aur thodi se fursat

Time of Publication 07 Mar 2017 ( Read 4703 Times)
shaam, ek khwaab, aur thodi se fursat
Aa jana kabhi - dono -, baithhenge der tak...


Time of Publication 02 Mar 2017 ( Read 4412 Times)
I Love you because i know i can always trust in you; because you love freely surely without reserve.


Time of Publication 09 Jan 2017 ( Read 5445 Times)
Shaam-e-Sitambar si raushan jo ho tum
Kyon khushnuma ye samaa ho na jaaye
BaaloN ki baareek kirnoN mein...

Merry Christmas

Time of Publication 26 Dec 2016 ( Read 5474 Times)
December, My favorite month of the year..brings
Snow & Santa , colours of Red n White...

Ab Jo Tanhaa Se Hum Hain

Time of Publication 19 Dec 2016 ( Read 6260 Times)
Ab jo tanhaa se hum hain
Har taraf se sitam haiN...

How many ages have passed?

Time of Publication 14 Dec 2016 ( Read 5972 Times)
How many ages have passed,
Since I first saw you...
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