21st Foundation Day of MPUAT celebrated

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10 Dec, 19 11:09
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21st Foundation Day of MPUAT celebrated

Udaipur: The 21st Foundation Day of Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology, Udaipur was celebrated with enthusiasm. AprogramorganizedintheCTAEAVP Hall,theVice-ChancelloroftheUniversity Prof. Narendra Singh Rathore graced the ceremony while V.B. Singh, Prof. PKDashora,Prof.UmashankarSharma and all the ex-officio, directors and all higher officials of MPUAT, faculty, nonacademic staff, farmer siblings and students were present as this auspicious occasion. Vice-Chancellor of the University Dr. Narendra Singh Rathore Welcoming everyone, said in his address that it is a matter of joy that today we are all going to celebrate the 21st Foundation Day of MaharanaPratapUniversityofAgriculture andTechnology.Hesaidthattoday there are many challenges before the university which we have to cope up. He said that the university was established in November 1999 after a lot of struggle and public agitation. Initially, in 1962, Udaipur Agricultural University was the second agricultural university in the country,butlaterintheyear,MPUATcame into existence after becoming a multidisciplinaryandSukhadiaandRajasthan Agricultural University. The ICAR racking of the university approved by the state government with the financial support of 1 crore was very good in the beginning. But due to the shortage of staff and faculty and the continued division of the university enclosure, our university's ranking is at number 51 today, we need to improve it. In which all efforts will be made to improve it by taking the guidance and cooperationofalltheinvitedformer vicechancellors,founders,directors,employees. He said that today only 22 percent of teaching staff and 33 percent nonteaching staff are available in the university, and every effort will be made to fill them. On this occasion, the former ViceChancellor of the University, Dr. VB Singh,Dr.PKDashora,Dr.Umashankar Sharmaandalltheformerfounders,directors and other officials of the university also expressed their resolve to enrich the university in every respect. At the beginning of the program, the Vice-Chancellor welcomed all the former Vice-Chancellors, Founders, Directors of the University. On this auspicious day, the Director of Research, Dr. Abhay Kumar Mehta presented the complete details of the developmentworkandresearchachievements from the year 1999 till date Dr. Sl Mundara, Director Prasar Shiksha, also presented a detailed outline of the various actions the farmers have done so far by the university. He elaborated on various projects, agriculturaltraining, seminars, seeddistribution, providing agricultural implements to farmers, etc., on various projects going on at the eight Krishi Vigyan Kendras of the university

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