Concluding National Workshop on Indian Idol Art under World Heritage Week

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29 Nov, 19 11:28
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Concluding National Workshop on Indian Idol Art under World Heritage Week

Udaipur: Janardanarai Nagar Rajasthan Vidyapeeth University Deemed-to-be University, Institute of Literature, Archaeological Survey of India, Jodhpur, organized ” Indian History ofArt underWorldHeritageWeek “(19 to 25November) underthejointaegisofMohanLalSukhadiaUniversity'sHistory Department and Udgam TrustWas concluded , Chief Guest Historian Prof. KS Gupta said that the name ofSutradhar Mandan is important among the contacts of Indian architecture. In medieval India, when Islamic influence was pushing back the traditional Indian statue of art and architecture, Mandan kept alive not only the north but also the South Indianarchitectureandcrafttraditions.ThecontributionofMandan in the tradition of Indian craftsmanship is unique, in texts like Roop Mandan and the God and goddess case, their idolized signs have been readily accepted not only in India but wherever the devotees with respect to the idol have settled. Presiding over the ceremony Vice-Chancellor Prof. S.S. Sarangadevot said that the history of Indian sculpture is thousands of years old, there is such a treasure of the artistic history of Indian culture, in which the folk art and traditional techniques of this place are seen. It is a specialty of the Indian sculpture a tradition that it has a very deep connection with painting, music, dance and theater. He said that Indian sculpture has taken a real look from the beginning, in which human figures often depict thin waist, elastic limbs and young and sensitive forms and trees and plants, animals and deities. Distinguished Guest, Deputy Archaeological Superintendent of Jodhpur Archaeological DepartmentVipinChandraNegi,HistorianDr.RajasekharVyas, DirectorProf. JeevanSinghKharkwal,Prof.DigvijayBhatnagar, Dr.KulasekharVyasalsoexpressedviews.DirectorProf.Jeevan Singh Kharkwal presented the report for the seven-day workshop, thanks Prof. Digvijay Bhatnagar gave it. Ugrasen Rao, HiteshKumar,HiteshKumarBunkar,Payal,Dr.MaheshAmeta, Reena Menaria, Shoaib Qureshi, Dr. Krishnapal Singh Deora, Prof. Researchers, includingPratimaPandey, ChintanThakar, PriyanshTalesara,NarayanPaliwal,werepresent.Participants were felicitated by dais

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