Ansh gets the car on Sojatia Jewelers

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13 Nov, 19 08:38
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Ansh gets the car on Sojatia Jewelers

Udaipur: In the presence of customers a few days back pride of Mewar draw was opened at Sojatia Jewelers located. In which Udaipur native living presently at Ahmedabad Ansh Bhavani was the winner of the first prize was given the car keys in a ceremony held On this occasion, Ansh Bhavnani said that she has been purchasing gold jewelry at Sojatia Jewelers all the time. The hallmark designer jewelry here attracts them spontaneously. This leads to a cult-like two-pronged saying. Jewelry is also purchased when coming here and meeting Papa-Mummy. Mahendra Sojatia, director of Sojatia Group, said that the second award was given as LED ofAmbalal Devpura and 100 consolation prizes were also given. The remaining winners can receive prizes by showing their coupons. Dhruv Sojatia told that in the five lucky draws opened earlier, five cars were opened in the name of Durga Devi Sarma, Archana Kanthalia, Neha Dak, Neha Solanki and Savita Karwani. With the opening of this prize in the name of women, the jewelry love of women is displayed

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